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MySezame, is a catalyst of impact business. Expert in the field, the company trains managers and their teams in business transformations and innovations, related to societal issues.

The MySezame project began with a conviction: current social and environmental issues should be considered as business levers for innovation, differentiation, and performance. To make organizations and business models more sustainable and inclusive, leaders and employees need to transform individually.

Mysezame’s ambition is to create a tipping point for individuals within companies, to engage them in collectively redesigning business models and success, so economy becomes more sustainable, durable, and inclusive.

Mysezame is a training organization, eligible for OPCO funding, Bcorp labeled and ESUS accredited (French accreditation for socially responsible company with a purpose of social utility).

What do we do?

The VINCI Group created Leonard to tackle the challenges posed by the transformation of regions and lifestyles. Our goal is to unite a community of key stakeholders in order to build the city of the future together.