AI Program Kick-Off: Leonard welcomes the 2024 class of projects

kick off du programme IA de Leonard 2024
The integration of artificial intelligence (AI) in the fields of construction, transport, real estate, and energy is increasingly crucial for optimizing resource management, enhancing operational efficiency, ensuring sustainable development, and improving overall safety standards within these industries.

Leonard is hosting the AI Program kick-off meeting for the 2024 project class from November 8th to 10th. This program assists VINCI Group entities in nurturing promising AI projects that can act as catalysts for growth or anticipate market transformations. The 15 projects selected cover a wide range of applications, including the predictive maintenance of timber or prestressed concrete infrastructures, generative design for optimising methods on site, simplifying and minimising risks when responding to calls for tender, and simplifying the interpretation of contracts for legal departments.

Since 2019, Leonard has supported more than fifty AI projects involving three main AI technologies. These include generative design for construction, assisting in tasks such as optimizing concrete volumes during pre-construction phases and streamlining maintenance technician rounds. Predictive maintenance has also been a key focus, ensuring for instance the efficient upkeep of offshore wind turbine generators. Moreover, the utilization of Large Language Models (LLMS) has enabled various applications, including the digitization of plant technical documentation and the optimization of responses to calls for tender.

Leonard’s AI Program offers various benefits to VINCI employees, including expert guidance, methodological support, ongoing mentorship, networking opportunities, data science training.
Structured into four distinct phases, the AI Program will commence with the project exploration phase from November to December 2023, dedicated to the exploration of project concepts and the identification of potential solutions. Following a selection process in December, the most promising projects progress to the acceleration phase, scheduled from January to May 2024, where they undergo refinement and development. Finally, in June 2024, the selected projects are integrated into VINCI entities, paving the way for broad implementation and impact within the organization.


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