AI program: 5th cohort

Every year, Leonard supports projects that use artificial intelligence to meet the operational challenges of the Group's businesses, from concept to industrialization. It offers innovators a program of coaching, training and mentoring, and provides access to a network of ad hoc experts within the VINCI Group. Particular attention is paid to consolidating the initiatives of Group companies that have already developed projects, in order to diversify their technical skills.

 As of this year, the artificial intelligence training given to project leaders is now open to all Group employees, so that everyone can understand the principles of AI and envisage its potential application to the Group’s businesses. This open training makes the technology accessible to all, and deconstructs the myth of revolution. 

12 projects have joined the Class of 2024. They cover a wide range of applications, including :  

  • predictive maintenance of wood and prestressed concrete infrastructures,  
  • generative design for optimizing on-site methods,  
  • simplifying and reducing the risks involved in responding to calls for tender,  
  • simplified contract interpretation for legal departments. 

From January to May 2024, the projects will be perfected and developed. In June 2024, the projects supported will be integrated into VINCI companies, with a view to large-scale deployment throughout the Group. 

Discover the 39 startups and projects supported in 2024


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