Automated and connected electric shuttles on the motorway: a French innovation born of Leonard’s foresight

navettes du projet MOB-AUTO²
A consortium comprising VINCI Autoroutes, Milla Group, SAVAC and the Université Gustave Eiffel has won the 4th Programme d'Investissements d'Avenir (PIA4) - France 2030 award for its MOB-AUTO² project, which aims to introduce an automated and connected electric shuttle service on the A10 motorway.

The project was developed as part of Leonard’s foresight work on electric, connected and autonomous mobility. This work has identified automated electric shuttles as a promising solution for meeting the long-distance travel needs of everyday life.

The MOB-AUTO² project involves setting up an automated, connected electric shuttle service on the A10 motorway, between the Longvilliers multimodal hub and the Massy RER station via the Briis-sous-Forges motorway station. The shuttles will travel at 90 km/h and have a capacity of 15 passengers. They will make 30 journeys a day, carrying around 450 passengers a day.

The experimentation, which will last 3 years, will be carried out in real traffic conditions. It will make it possible to test the feasibility and safety of this new mode of transport, as well as reducing car use, improving the operational quality of the existing express coach service and reducing greenhouse gas emissions along the route.

The MOB-AUTO² project is a promising initiative that could help to decarbonise motorway mobility. If the project is successful, it could be replicated in other regions.

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