#BuildingBeyond: 10 films for a new perspective on city

Philosopher Olivier Pourriol, the speaker behind the Ciné-philo series, was invited by the festival to take a look at the city through the eyes of the silver screen. Taken from three sessions over the summer, here’s a list of what to watch…

Olivier Pourriol

Underground, mystery and metamorphosis

1/ Wings of Desire

2/ Hellboy 2

In a time when the space beneath a city has become a precious resource and a land to conquer, the philosopher explains how Wings of Desire gives an insight into the underground mentality. As for Hellboy 2, it shows us that “the underground is a place for metamorphosis, where you can become someone else.”

The city as an element

3/ Minority Report

4/ Blade Runner

5/ The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

6/ The Walk

These four films capture the “elemental reverie” so dear to Gaston Bachelard. Olivier Pourriol emphasizes that, while the city is a place for efficiency and frenzy, it’s also always a good place for reverie. And this reverie borrows from the most basic of elements: water, with dreams of fluidity; fire, with dreams of technological progress: air, with dreams of elevation (lifts, skyscrapers); and earth, with dreams of rest and willpower (construction, works).

A place of transit(ion)

7/ The Terminal

8/ Gattaca

9/ War of the Worlds

10/ The Great Love

In this last selection of films, train stations, airports and other spaceports have a key role, reminding us that places of transit aren’t only for people passing through, but they’re often spaces destined for transformation.

What do we do?

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