CATALYST: 10 innovative companies selected for the 3rd cohort of the support program

Leonard is greeting the 3d cohort of its CATALYST program, designed to foster cooperation between innovative companies and VINCI companies in construction, mobility, real estate and energy. The 10 innovative companies selected among more than 150 evaluated ventures, meet the challenges of environmental transition, safety, productivity and competitiveness of VINCI companies' offerings and business lines.

The CATALYST program helps more mature innovative companies deploy their products and services in partnership with VINCI Group companies. The 2022 cohort will include 10 of these companies. They will enjoy preferential access to VINCI executives and Leonard will be by their side from their first meeting to the time they sign a contract.

This program supporting cooperation between innovative companies and VINCI entities confirms its international reach, with six countries represented. At least four of the selected companies provide an innovative solution to reduce the environmental impact of VINCI activities.


Promotion 2022: 10 selected innovative companies

AMPD ENERGY (Hong Kong) –
Ampd Energy is a solution for powering construction equipment that combines storage and high-power capability, reducing dependence on diesel generators and large grid connections.
#energy #construction #environment


ASYSTOM (France) –
Asystom provides a universal predictive maintenance solution, suitable to any type of industrial machine (regardless of model or age). Scalable, non-intrusive, fully remotely managed, and easily integrated into existing infrastructures, the solution can monitor all components of any system to prevent failures and optimize productivity.
#industry #productivity #prevention


Devisubox (France)
Industrializing a smart timelapse capture service to promote construction with high resolution 24mpx photos and reduce construction risks and costs with AI analysis of photos and IoT interactions in the field.
#construction #competitivity


HyperTunnel uses a unique combination of proven technologies from a variety of industries to redefine what is possible in underground construction, making it faster, safer, more economical, and more environmentally friendly than current techniques.
#infrastructure #construction #environment #productivity


Autonomous drones for the inspection of indoor and underground sites. The drone can fly without GPS, light or any radio signal, generating high-quality 3D models.
#infrastructure #industry #productivity


Portable 230V mains outlet with grid-like power to facilitate mobile workplaces.
#energy #environment


Kraaft (France)
As easy to use as WhatsApp and as powerful as Excel, Kraaft is the first semi-structured messaging platform dedicated to field teams.
#construction #infrastructure #productivity


Nodes & Links accelerates, derisks and reduces the cost of projects by allowing entire project teams to understand and proactively manage their schedules daily.
#construction #productivité


RatedPower develops pvDesign, a cloud-based software to carry out the design and engineering of utility-scale solar photovoltaic plants.
#energy #environment #infrastructure


Softsystems (France) – offers innovative solutions based on Artificial Intelligence to eliminate the risk of vehicle/pedestrian collisions. Their devices are scalable and adaptable to each environment.
#construction #industry #prevention


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