CATALYST: 10 innovative companies selected for the 4th cohort of the support program

Leonard is greeting the 4th cohort of its CATALYST program, designed to foster cooperation between innovative companies and VINCI companies in construction, mobility, real estate and energy. The 10 innovative companies selected among more than 180 evaluated ventures, meet the challenges of environmental transition, safety, productivity and competitiveness of VINCI companies' offerings and business lines.

The CATALYST program helps more mature innovative companies deploy their products and services in partnership with VINCI Group companies. The 2023 cohort will include 10 of these companies. They will enjoy preferential access to VINCI executives and Leonard will be by their side from their first meeting to the time they sign a contract.

At least 6 of the selected companies provide an innovative solution to reduce the environmental impact of businesses activities within the realm of the VINCI Group.

Promotion 2023: 10 selected innovative companies

Altaroad (France)

A new way of tracking flows of materials and waste, enabling financial and environmental gains. Altaroad provides a web application enabling digital traceability of construction waste and more generally flows of materials and traffic, with real time carbon footprint calculations and impact reduction suggestions. They also developed smart cameras to detect the right vehicles and identify loaded contents and smart connected weighing sensors to capture data while in motion.

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Build2B (France)

Build2B is a marketplace for freelancers working in the construction and real estate sectors. Build2B has been a member of Leonard’s SEED acceleration program.


Econcrete (Israel)

A bio-enhancing, fully compliant concrete technology that increases the ecological and structural value of coastal and marine infrastructure.

#contech #environment

Ellona (France)

Ellona commercializes cloud-based micro sensors performing monitoring of various gas emissions, particles, liquid… The AI data banks allows them to implement situational intelligence (events detection and identification) using digitized human perceptions in smart cities, airports, hospitals, offices and construction sites.

#productivity #prevention #Industry #AI #environment

Exodigo (USA)

Exodigo has developed a non-intrusive subsurface imaging platform that uses multi-sensing fusion and AI to provide a digital geolocated 3D map of buried assets.

#productivity #prevention #environment

Heex Technologies (France)

Heex Technologies accelerates AI development and enhances operations monitoring by enabling organizations to get the most value out of their data.

By transitioning from a Big Data to a Smart Data (event-based) approach, they provide a data management platform automatically extracting the most pertinent data to improve productivity

#productivity #AI

Inex Circular (France)

Inex Circular is a digital solution that enables users to find outlets for their excavated land and to connect local waste producers and recyclers. The platform also allows to detect lands and roofs available for the development of PV projects.

#productivity #energy #AI #circulareconomy

Loris (USA)

Loris connects, secures, and captures data from industrial job sites using proprietary battery-powered, portable, temporary light-towers which provide WIFI, security (motion sensors + 360° cameras), and automatic site capture.

#prevention #contech

NatureMetrics (UK)

NatureMetric’s nature performance monitoring service uses environmental DNA technology to generate comprehensive data, rapidly and cost-effectively. These robust data sets are converted into decision- useful metrics for companies to report on regulatory and voluntary commitments.

#environment #data

OpenSpace (USA)

OpenSpace provides next-generation reality capture software, powerful integrations, and the smartest analytics tools in the industry. The solution is dedicated to monitoring construction sites and tracking construction progress.

#productivity #contech

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