Guillaume Jarlot

CEO - Nooco

Since he left school in 2011, Guillaume has been swimming in data in the IT department. In 2017, he was in charge of an artificial intelligence experimentation project at VINCI Energies, which led him to become a technology expert in the Group’s Innovation Department. He quickly took over the responsibility of open innovation for 2 years. During this experience, Guillaume became very interested in end-to-end platforms and their impact on the distribution of the value chain of a profession – especially in the contexts of Smart City, Industry 4.0 and Smart Building.

In 2020, after having accompanied a carbon calculation project for technical building lots, Guillaume launched the Nooco adventure: a decision support platform aiming at bringing a scientific and transparent approach to provide LCA indicators to building actors. Now CEO of Nooco, his mission is to reconcile the expectations of all the actors of the platform (users, prescribers, scientific guarantors, …) with the strong environmental ambitions of the team!

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