Construction Startup Competition 2020 : meet the winners!

Almost 700 startups took part to the Construction Startups Competition 2020, a global innovation challenge dedicated to the construction industry, launched by CEMEX Ventures, Leonard, Ferrovial, Hilti and NOVA by Saint-Gobain.

On its fourth edition, the Competition launched in 2017 records an increase in participation and the quality of the projects. Even more countries are starting to show more innovative Contech solutions.

10 winners have been selected for the grand finale:

  • Beawre Digital, AI-driven SaaS platform that reduces budget overruns and delays in projects in real-time, enabling continuous operational risk control on processes
  • CarbiCrete,Cleantech company whose breakthrough patented technology enables the production of cement-free, carbon-negative concrete made with industrial by-products and captured carbon dioxide.
  • Construyo, Europe’s first marketplace and SaaS solution for the architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) industry
  • Converge, Productivity and sustainability optmization for the entire construction lifecycle by combining the power of AI, BIM and physical sensor data
  • Handle, A software and financing platform to help construction contractors and suppliers ensure payment for work and have better access to capital.
  • HIBOO, SaaS application that processes construction equipment data and makes it easily accessible to empower field operations
  • Modulous, Generative design software and standardised kit of parts to design and deliver healthy, sustainable and affordable homes through a distributed network of local assembly partners
  • Okibo, Autonomous indoor robot for application of construction materials, part of the finishing process, combining a unique 3D perception technology, an automatic path planning and a fully autonomous robotic work flow.
  • Voyage Control, SaaS platform to help construction firms manage their logistics and supply chain more efficiently as well as support their compliance needs
  • WaveScan Technologies, Disruptive beamforming electromagnetics based on smart scanner systems and advanced AI algorithms, enabling high-resolution 3D imaging for non-destructive applications.

These startups participated in a Digital Pitchday on December 2nd, during which they were invited to pitch their solutions to a jury composed of representatives from Leonard, CEMEX Ventures, Ferrovial, Hilti and NOVA by Saint-Gobain. As part of the Digital Pitchday, the startups were able to showcase their businesses and the benefits that it brings to the industry to a very active audience of leaders in the sector. With a limited time to pitch and answer questions, the entrepreneurs demonstrated why they are leading in the Contech startup ecosystem.

After a tough and very close deliberation between the jury, the selected gold medalists are: CarbiCrete, HIBOO, Modulous, Okibo and Voyage Control.

These startups will be invited to participate in Builtworlds first in-person event to be celebrated on 2021, should the global pandemic allow for it. During the event, they will be part of a Speed Dating round where they will meet other industry-leading companies, investors, and other relevant stakeholders that can benefit their business and help them grow even further.

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