Deep Tech: Leonard supports Hello Tomorrow’s Global Challenge 2024

Global Challenges finalists - Hello Tomorrow
For the 9th consecutive edition, Hello Tomorrow, the hub of a collaborative ecosystem leveraging the power of deep technologies to tackle world challenges, announced the finalists of its yearly startups challenge, the leading worldwide competition for early-stage Deep Tech startups.

70 projects selected out of 4,000 applications 

Hello Tomorrow’s Global Challenge attracts thousands of startups every year that aim to establish themselves in the emerging Deep Tech market. This year, more than 4,000 startups took their chances. As an official partner of the challenge, supporting the “Sustainable Construction & Infrastructure”, Leonard was part of the international jury of experts who reviewed these applications.

The jury identified 70 projects that stood out for their technological innovation, economic viability, leadership, team, and positive impact on industries, planet and society.

A diversity of innovations to address health, environmental and economic challenges

These startups are addressing intricate health issues and enhancing the availability of treatments. They stand at the forefront of efforts to mitigate climate change and are developing innovative, circular materials to fit into a new economic model. By harnessing synthetic biology, quantum technology, artificial intelligence, and robotics, they are transforming industries with products and systems that are not only more efficient but also of superior quality. Particularly noteworthy is the resilience they exhibit in response to the current intricate economic conditions and geopolitical tensions.

"The huge number and high quality of the startups we selected, coming from every corner of the globe, confirm that deep tech has resisted the global downturn we are seeing in regular tech. This, combined with deep tech’s resilience in venture capital, with $15 billion raised year-to-date in 2023, show that the world will always value companies using unique technology to solve society’s greatest problems, whatever the economic environment.”

Arnaud de la Tour I Co-founder and CEO of Hello Tomorrow

7 finalists in the ‘Sustainable Construction & Infrastructure’ category, supported by Leonard 

Leonard is proud to support Hello Tomorrow’s Global Challenge and Summit for the 5th year in a row. We believe that talents from all walks of life must contribute to tackling the most pressing environmental challenges facing those who build and operate everyday infrastructures. Deep Tech is inspiring solutions to these major challenges: for instance, Strong by Form, a high-performance wood-based composite material named a “Deep Tech Pioneer” by Hello Tomorrow last year, has joined the 2024 class of Leonard’s SEED incubation programme.

Strong by from at the Hello Tomorrow's Global Summit 2023
Strong by Form at the Hello Tomorrow’s Global Summit 2023

Here is the list of the 2024 Finalists in the ‘Sustainable Construction & Infrastructure’ category supported by Leonard:

  • Adept Materials (United States) Developing climate-regulating construction materials for more sustainable buildings
  • ClimAd Technology (Netherlands) Optimizing energy use with smart glass films that enable heat and light management in buildings
  • ecoLocked (Germany) Turning buildings into carbon sinks
  • Kestrix (United Kingdom) Using mass thermal image capture and AI to scale building retrofit
  • Mimicrete (United Kingdom) Developing self-healing concrete solutions that autonomously repair cracks
  • Photio (Chile) Using nanotechnology to simulate the photosynthesis process on any surface
  • Ultra High Materials (United States) Ultra-low carbon high-performance concrete delivering 80-90% less CO2 and better durability at lower cost

These finalists will present all their solutions to a jury durant this year’s Hello Tomorrow Global Summit, on march 21st and 22nd in Paris.

Hello Tomorrow finalists
Hello Tomorrow Global Challenge “Sustainable construction and infrastructure” finalists

Discover all the 70 finalists

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