Electricity, an appealing future for mobility

Back in 1900, electricity and its lights were considered as a “new religion”. But then, for decades, electricity has been part of our everyday lives, without us paying attention to this short-lived religion. Today, electricity is back, and creating new imaginaries and new opportunities, namely in the sector of mobility. From both economic and environmental standpoints, it is considered as a major lever to make our mobility more sustainable,. So, is electricity back in the limelight ? Judging by the papers we read over the past few weeks, the answer might be yes...

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1 – Electric mobility for all, today and tomorrow ? 

As Renault just announced its “great digital initiative”, numerous mobility groups are telling more about their (high) ambitions. Is it the time for a real breakthrough on the french market ?  

CES 2020: The future of mobility is bright (and electric) — Technical.ly

The real potential of the electric mobility revolution – The Week

Morphoz, the electric concept car of Renault, at the International Motor Show of Geneva — Renault

With the production of the C5 Aircross Hybrid, Citroën is joining the battle on electricity – L’Usine Nouvelle

For Jaguar and Land Rover, the future might look like this electric minivan – Numerama

Electric Fiat 500 : production to start in June, 2020 – Caradisiac

Electric vehicles and infrastructures : a virtuous cycle to be expected before 2035 — RTE France (May, 2019)

Monthly barometer : as many registered electric cars in January 2020 than over the first three months of 2019 — Avere France

2 – Infrastructures and new services in the spotlight  

After having played a discrete role, infrastructures are today at the core of what is at stake regarding mobility. Mobility actors are not only following public sector’s move towards urban infrastructures, they are developing their own solutions. They are creating the enabling conditions for electric mobility by themselves : energy storage, network optimization, new solutions… 

Tesla is working on new ~110 kWh battery pack for more than 400 miles of range – Electrek
Tesla Powerwall smarter integration with vehicle charging hinted at in API code – Teslarati
Electric Vehicle Batteries Will ‘Dwarf’ The Grid’s Energy-Storage Needs  – Forbes

With the acquisition of the british company Pod Point, EDF is investing in electric mobility – Challenges

“The objective for vehicle-to-grid is now to scale up” – Industrie & Technologies
Honda launches E:Technology at the International Motor Show of Geneva – Motors Actu

Proposed San Diego initiative would ban gas car sales over $50k, first in US – Electrek

Nevada to Add EV Charging Network Across Frequented Highway – Government Technology

International Code Council to include EV readiness in building codes – Autoblog

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