CATALYST demo days – Meet AOS!

Comment améliorer la gestion des appels d’offre (gain de temps et d’efficacité) ?

AOS digitizes and optimizes the call for tender process in the AEC industry. The software simplifies the request, monitoring and analysis of bids and allows technical teams to focus on their core business. AOS’s CEO Marc Giraudot will exchange with Quentin Wavrant, responsable de programmes chez VINCI Immobilier et Matthieu Poylo, directeur outils et achats hors production chez VINCI Construction France.

This event is part of our series of 11 daily presentations of successful collaboration cases between startups from our CATALYST program and operational business units from VINCI. We will showcase the startups’ value proposition and use cases for VINCI and allow a discussion between them and selected representatives from the VINCI’s entities.

What do we do?

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