Demo Day 2024: Meet the startups from Leonard’s programs!

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Explore the startups joining Leonard’s Demo Day 2024, on May 21st from 2 pm to 7 pm in Paris.

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The Demo Day is a unique moment of inspiration and networking open to venture capital investors, professionals, and experts in construction, mobility infrastructure, energy and real estate. Leonard’s business innovation programs aim to identify solutions to the VINCI Group’s future challenges, with a particular focus this year on climate tech and deep tech.

17 startups present

17 startups from our CATALYST and SEED programs will be there to present their synergies with the VINCI group and the results of six months of acceleration powered by Leonard. You will also have the opportunity to meet the 7 intrapreneurs from VINCI who tackle the most pressing challenges in building a better and greener future for construction, mobility, real estate and energy industries.

Highlights from the program

  • 1 panel on how to accelerate deep tech, including materials, robotics and the nuclear industry, with Roger Abou-Khalil, head of Orano Open Innovation and Venture Fund Manager, Romain Roullois, general Manager at France Deeptech, Aurélien Schwartz, CEO and co-founder of Metroscope (the AI solution for the nuclear industry developed as an EDF internal project) and Marine Glon, investment Director at Super Nova Invest.
  • 1 panel on electrifying mobility with Pierre Coppey, executive vice-president of VINCI and Chairman of VINCI Autoroutes, and Benoit Lemaignan, CEO of Verkor, the electrical vehicle battery manufacturer that has grown from a startup to a scale-up in three years and has raised the second largest round in Europe last year to build a gigafactory.

This event is open to investors, to VINCI decision-makers and to all professionals and experts in the areas of construction, real estate, mobility and energy interested in searching innovative solutions to address the most pressing challenges in the business.

Demo Day 2024 Leonard

Who are the startups ?

SEED program

Abim (France) –

ABIM’s know-how and technology facilitate the monitoring and predictive maintenance of ports and underwater infrastructures. ABIM gather raw data on a web-based digital twin platform, integrating high-definition InSAR satellite data for comprehensive port management. 

Akidaia (France) –

Akidaia has created a non-connected identification system to secure and streamline access control systems, even in isolated or temporary sites such as construction sites. This made-in-France technology, approved by the French army (GICAT), offers a new approach to access security that is 100% RGPD-compliant, with no stored data, and reduces investment and operating costs.

Floware (France) –

Floware offers an innovative mobility flow analysis solution for private and public sector operators. Floware’s AI technology uniquely combines innovative sensors with modeling and simulation software for faster, more effective strategic decision-making.

Geoclay (France)

Geoclay uses clays as raw materials, which release water molecules during firing instead of CO2 . Geoclay offers a flash calcination process for clays that reduces carbon emissions by a factor of 4 compared with a conventional process. This process preserves natural resources, since it uses mainly alternative clays from recycling channels. 

Orus energy (France) – 

Orus Energy is AI-powered software that helps commercial building operators activate and monetize their flexibility on the power grid in order to generate a new revenue stream, while reducing their carbon emissions and accelerating the energy transition. 

Spybee (Colombie) –

Spybee is a ConTech operating in Latin America, combining high-precision on-site drone surveys, virtual reality, real-time data processing and collaborative tools (including WhatsApp). This approach improves project documentation, management and analysis, enabling faster, more informed decision-making and effective communication within multidisciplinary teams on construction sites.   

Strong by Form (Espagne) –

Strong by Form is a technology company that combines the logic of composite materials with the natural intelligence of wood and advanced robotics to produce lightweight, free-form structural components to replace steel, concrete and aluminum in construction and mobility. Proprietary software optimizes the shape of the wood, resulting in custom-made, efficiently designed parts, guaranteeing robust, original structures.

CATALYST program

Aitenders (France) –

Aitenders is a tendering, contract management and knowledge management platform for the global construction industry.

Alteia (France) –

Alteia offers software that enables companies to manage and analyze large-scale visual data (photos, lidar, video) to improve their operational efficiency. Today, companies use Alteia to monitor the progress of construction work, evaluate infrastructure, mine operations…

Droople (Switzerland) –

Droople is an innovative technology platform enabling industries to optimize water resources, improve sustainability and ensure environmental compliance through real-time monitoring and data-driven information.

Machine26 (USA, Germany) –

Machine26 is a marketplace that helps construction equipment owners sell their machines effortlessly. The inspection application collects all machine condition data so that customers can receive the best offer from international, verified used machine sellers.

Materrup (France)

Materrup is a young industrial company with an impact, producing a low-carbon cement based on uncalcined clay derived from local waste. This local cement halves CO2 emissions, while guaranteeing the same performance and durability as conventional concrete.

NetCarbon (France) –

NetCarbon is a technology that combines satellite data and artificial intelligence to simulate and improve the environmental impact of a construction project on a series of indicators (carbon storage, heat islands and artificialization).

Optimiz Construction (Switzerland) –

Optimiz Construction helps structural engineering companies save up to 15% on reinforcement costs by optimizing materials, facilitating installation and reducing waste.

Altaroad (France)

A new way of tracking flows of materials and waste, enabling financial and environmental gains.

Kraaft (France)

As easy to use as WhatsApp and as powerful as Excel, Kraaft is the first semi-structured messaging platform dedicated to field teams.

Instagrid (Germany)

Portable 230V mains outlet with grid-like power to facilitate mobile workplaces.

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