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The New Shapes of Urban Mobility: The Urban Challenges of Electric Mobility

La Fabrique de la Cité welcome experts from innovative European cities leading the way in electric mobility and who will share their experience of urban challenges related to its development.   

The development of electric mobility is one of the key solutions enabling cities to build a sustainable future. Beyond this environmental and public health issue, the electrification of the mobility sector covers technological issues but also raises fundamental issues in urban planning.

What does developing electric mobility mean in terms of urban planning and construction methods? How to make all types of mobiity coexist on a constrained road system? How to develop a reliable and responsive charging network, where, according to which rythm and timeline? What transformations of the urban electricity network does this imply?


– Gijs van der Poel – Market analyst, ElaadNL (Netherlands)
– Bertold Plugboer – Project manager, Amsterdam Elektrisch
– Jenny Skagestad – Advisor Urban transport, Zero Emission Resource Organisation (ZERO – Norway)

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