Exodigo improves underground network mapping for VINCI Construction and GRDF

Exodigo, a member of Leonard's Catalyst 2023 programme, has obtained promising results in detecting buried urban networks for VINCI Construction and French gas distributor GRDF.

Exodigo, the precision non-intrusive subsurface imaging platform and member of the Catalyst 2023 programme, recently announced the results of its first project in France and its official market entry. Exodigo has provided more accurate maps of underground networks to VINCI Construction and GRDF, which distributes natural gas to more than 11 million customers in France every day.
“Exodigo has demonstrated its potential for improving road markings and preventing damage to structures on underground networks,” says Cécile Raynal, Innovations Expert at GRDF’s Technical and Industrial Division.

Thanks to Leonard, VINCI’s innovation platform, the two companies have joined forces to demonstrate the accuracy and potential of Exodigo’s solution for identifying and mapping underground networks. Using multi-sensor technology and artificial intelligence, Exodigo identified 57% more buried infrastructure than was recorded in existing registers, as well as structures in an area that had not previously been mapped.

“We are delighted to be working with industry leaders such as VINCI Construction and GRDF to drive positive change, ensure more efficient investment projects and limit damage to buried infrastructure – as many as 13,000 every year in France. We look forward to achieving further results for the French market”, said Jeremy Suard, CEO and co-founder of Exodigo.

At a test site in Aubervilliers, France, Exodigo’s multi-detection technology was able to locate 30 buried structures in the area, whereas existing maps identified only 19. Exodigo also located 35 networks in an area not previously mapped. With a view to integrating the most advanced technologies into its platform, Exodigo called on AVUS, a VINCI Construction subsidiary specialising in augmented reality visualisation of underground networks, for on-site mobile visualisation. In view of the good results obtained, VINCI and GRDF are studying the possibilities of applying this technology on a wider scale.

“Precision and accuracy are essential for safety, efficiency and meeting project delivery deadlines. The VINCI team was delighted with the results of our first project with Exodigo, whose innovative solution is helping to transform cities and regions in a sustainable way,” said Louis Cottin, CATALYST programme manager at Leonard.

Public services, engineering and construction managers in France now have access to Exodigo’s innovative subsurface imaging platform. To find out more, visit https://www.exodigo.com/technology.


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