Innovation has found its bearings : discover our yearbook 2024

Yearbook 2024 - L'innovation a trouvé sa boussole
Our 2024 yearbook is now available! We have designed this annuel review to inspire you and spark new vocations in the service of transforming cities and territories. Xavier Huillard, chairman and CEO of VINCI, shares his vision of the opportunities presented by the energy transition for the business activities of the VINCI Group.

Innovation has found its bearings

In a world where the urgency to wean ourselves off an energy model which has made us so prosperous has become the strongest and most troubling of our certainties, the aspiration to innovate has found is bearings. Decarbonizing human activity, conserving naturel resources and preserving the living world: there are no shortage of challenges. Yet these challenges are calling out for innovators in the energy, transport and construction sectors to get inventive and use their imagination. Another key word gaining ground is “adaptation”, which encourages us to build narratives and implement the transformations needed to put life in harmony with our new living conditions – without ever losing sight of the ambition to lead a just transition.

Our new yearbook offers a sample of trends which are outlining a more resilient world : the huge undertaking that is the energy transition as seen by Xavier Huillard, the chairman and CEO of VINCI; an overview of solutions for adapting urban infrastructure to climate change; mobility in the net-zero age; and how artificial intelligence can help transform the construction industry, while innovative materials can help decarbonize it. We hope that it will enable you to gain insight into a not-so-distant world where we would have collectively risen up the energy and climate challenge, and that it will inspire you with optimism – and above all new vocations.

An exclusive interview with Xavier Huillard, chairman and CEO of VINCI

Xavier Huillard, Président-directeur général de VINCI

The theme of energy transition is gaining momentum in the public discourse! To address this discussion, Xavier Huillard granted us an exclusive interview. Discover his analyze of the technical and economic challenges facing the energy transition, whose scope and tangible impact of restructuring energy systems are not always clearly perceived. An economy-wide approach to decarbonization will lead to extensive modernization of energy infrastructure and mobility solutions, as well as an improvement on our living environment. It offers an exciting playground for innovation for innovators supported by Leonard.

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"The energy transition is a powerful groundswell for our whole business activity"

Xavier Huillard I Chairman and CEO of VINCI

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In the contents of this yearbook 2024

pp. 2-3 : The energy transition is a powerful groundswell for our whole business activity : Xavier Huillard’s interview

pp. 4-5 : How can we adapt ?
A range of solutions for resilient spaces.

pp. 6-7 : Artificial intelligence and the construction industry: a marriage made to last?
How can AI contribute to the construction industry’s transition to a low-carbon future? Better designed building plans, streamlined time management, controlled carbon emissions… these are just a few of the levers that this technology can give sector-wide.
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pp.8-10 : The burgeoning world of low-carbon construction materials.
How to solve a problem like the resource-intensive construction industry ? Well, technical and practical solutions do exist. Apart from introducing standardized circular practices across the sector, the impact of the construction industry’s activities could be significantly reduced by developing innovative materials. From low-carbon concrete to biomimetic solutions, there are various promising opportunities out there.
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pp. 11-13 : Imagining mobility in 2050 ?
Mobility is at the center of social, economic and environmental transformations. While it accounts for 30% of greenhouse gas emissions in France, it also represents an exciting breeding ground for technological and regional innovation. As such, Leonard, La Fabrique de la Cité and VINCI’s divisions wanted to put forward a realistic and pragmatic vision based on credible needs, an so launched into a long-term foresight approach in 2023.
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