INTRAPRENEURS program: 8th cohort

VINCI's Intrapreneurs program supports the development of projects led by the Group employees to foster the internal emergence of new activities in the construction, mobility and energy sectors. In 2024, the program will involve 8 teams, i.e. some 15 Group employees.

On December 4, a jury of 20 VINCI experts and executives met with Leonard’s team to select the most promising projects from among 75 internal candidates from 29 VINCI entities and 20 countries. 

The promotion is made up of more than 15 team members from the VINCI Group’s Energy, Construction, Concessions and Real Estate divisions, from France, Europe, the Middle East and Oceania.  

The selected projects are invested in the following application sectors:  

Predictive artificial intelligence: 

  • to allocate human resources in the event of a major power failure 
  • for infrastructure maintenance 

Artificial intelligence to analyze the potential of urban renewal 

Circular economy:  

  • in the management of water resources, notably through the use of non-drinking water 
  • in the recycling of electrical wiring and ventilation ducts 

Climate Tech

  • transforming household waste into local biogas  
  • a software application to inform boats of port equipment such as land power supply points 


Discover the 39 startups and projects supported in 2024

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