It’s in the box ! Five videos to discover our SEED startups

The founders of the start-ups in our SEED program put themselves in the "box" to answer our questions. What is their project about? What motivates them in entrepreneurship? What does innovation rhyme with? Discover their motivations and come meet them during our Demo Day on, Thursday, May 27, 2021!

Get to know Neoratech, with Thomas Cazor and Mathias Arbet-Pont

Neoratech develops connected personal protective equipment for technicians working on electrical networks. Meet its two founders, Thomas Cazor and Mathias Arbet-Pont, who have just signed the sale of their first pre-series with VINCI Energies!

“This first contract will be the cornerstone of the future of our project.”

Get to know Lokimo, with Martin Noël and Binta Gamassa

Lokimo analyzes and centralizes millions of data thanks to Artificial Intelligence, in order to help real estate professionals quickly identify high potential areas. Meet its two founders Martin Noël and Binta Gamassa:

“What I like about entrepreneurship is that you have to be creative and responsive.”

Get to know Rockease, with Guillaume Richer

Rockease is an online platform for finding the best offer, ordering, and managing the delivery of aggregates to construction sites. Rockease has received the “Solar Impulse Efficient Solution” label, which rewards cost-effective solutions for environmental protection. Meet its founder, Guillaume Richer :

“Our goal is to automate the supply chain to make it more effective, more efficient, and reduce construction costs and CO2 emissions.”

Get to know Roomies, with Manon Berlioz

Roomies develops a SaaS platform for collaboration and project management for #Hubdigital architects! Meet Manon Berlioz its founder:

“In ten years, I hope Roomies will be one of the leading solutions for architects, in France and internationally.”

Get to know SustainEcho, witth Paul Lieberherr and Anatole Parre

SustainEcho supports organizations and projects that wish to initiate or strengthen their environmental approach by offering a solution for automating carbon footprinting. Meet its founders, Paul Lieberherr and Anatole Parre:

“There is a need to construct buildings with the least possible impact on the environment.”

Meet all the start-ups of our SEED program during our Demo Day, Thursday, May 27th!

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