Join next year’s Intrapreneurs cohort!

Leonard invites all VINCI employees with an innovative business idea to become intrapreneurs: entrepreneurs within the company! There is still time to apply to join next year’s cohort. Starting this Autumn, Leonard will help with the chosen projects. Here’s everything you need to know on the programme, its benefits and upcoming deadlines.

Learn more about our 2020 application session !

Who can apply?

All VINCI employees who have identified a need or an opportunity among their customers can apply.

Digitisation, artificial intelligence, biomaterials, circular economy, new energies, support for the effects of climate change, 3D printing of concrete, etc.: the intrapreneurs’ projects supported by Leonard reflect the extraordinary diversity of VINCI’s businesses and the challenges of the years to come!

If you also have a business idea or if you see yourself as an intrapreneur, whichever entity you belong to and wherever you are in the world, Leonard can support your project or help you to join a team of intrapreneurs! Make your application or talk to us to refine your proposal! You can also register your interest in putting your motivation to good use in support of an existing project.


Objective Global Performance!

Just like VINCI, the intrapreneur’s fast track is committed to global performance: not just technically, economically and financially, but also socially, environmentally and for the benefit of society. The  selection committee jury put together by Leonard will pay particular attention to the positive impact of the projects presented.

Connected equipment, protection of water resources, new impact businesses, CO2 capture, IoT and the environment, reuse of materials, robotics, etc.: projects of the intrapreneurs’ fast track pave the way!


The stages of the intrapreneurs’ fast track

VINCI’s intrapreneurs’ fast track offers tailor-made coaching and training support. It makes a network of experts and mentors available to intrapreneurs and gives them the opportunity to show their business. It is organised in two distinct phases:

First step: turning an idea into a business project

In the first four months, the intrapreneur is supported in testing the viability of his idea, assessing the competition and meeting his first customers. 20% of his working hours are devoted to the project, or the equivalent of one day per week.

Second step: from the project to an actual business

If the project meets the criteria (are there customers, a market and real opportunities?), the intrapreneur enters an enhanced support phase lasting four months in which he devotes 100% of his time to his project to develop and test his product.


What are you waiting for, join us!

Do you want to put your project forward or refine your proposal? Do you want to use your expertise to support an innovative project? Applications are open until October 15, 2020 on the dedicated Leonard platform.



Do you want to use your expertise to support an innovative project and join a team? All you have to do is get in touch with us at !

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