Leonard and Europe des projets architecturaux et urbains create the “Arpenter” Research Chair

Logo de la chaire de recherche Arpenter
Leonard, the VINCI Group's foresight and innovation platform, is joining forces with l’Europe des projets architecturaux et urbains (GIP EPAU) to launch a call for applications for 10 doctoral contracts.

This call for applications is part of the launch of a new research chair entitled “Arpenter”, launched jointly by Leonard and Europe des projets architecturaux et urbains on 19 June 2023 to coincide with the opening day of the Building Beyond festival.

The ‘Arpenter’ endowed chair will focus in particular on urban and regional dynamics at a time of major economic, social and environmental change. Using a research-action approach, its aim is to study changes taking place in urban and rural areas, while producing resources for local development professionals. It will also bring together researchers (in geography, urban planning, sociology, political science, architecture) and VINCI’s network of professionals and experts.

10 doctoral contracts 

The 10 36-month doctoral contracts, to be filled from the start of the 2023 academic year, will be financed by the VINCI Group. Future doctoral students can submit their research project by 30 October 2023, which must be in line with the following themes:

  • Public policies for regional transitions and resource management
  • Urban morphologies and their adaptation to transitions
  • Housing, housing quality and the future of construction
  • Geography of human and economic activities
  • Territorial complementarities and regional cooperations

Applications will be examined by a selection committee and then submitted to the scientific assessment of the French National Association for Research and Technology (ANRT). The projects selected will then join the Leonard teams for a 3-year funded thesis.

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