We help mature startups carry out their projects by giving them the resources they need to deploy innovative services and products in partnership with our Business Units.

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Benefits of the program

– Tailored support to consolidate your business
– Special access to VINCI decision-makers
– A network conducive to the development of your activity (mentors, experts)
– The opportunity to build a long-term partnership with VINCI

projects supported
million turnover with the VINCI group
contracts signed with VINCI businesses

AI Clearing

AI Clearing (USA) develops a platform powered by Artificial Intelligence to monitor the progress of infrastructure works, based on geospatial data. AI Clearing is supported…

Voyage Control

Voyage Control (UK) is a software solution improving construction logistics and supply chain management to streamline processes, enhance safety and protect the environment. Voyage Control…


Omniflow (Portugal) is a smart IoT Lamp-pole powered by wind and solar energy, offering sustainable solutions for smart cities, powering high value-added services such as…


nPlan (UK) helps contractors identify and prevent major project delays before they happen. Having learned from more 500,000 construction schedules, they accurately identify delay risks…


Infogrid (UK) combines the world’s smallest IoT sensors with the power of AI to optimize and automate building management, saving time, money, protecting the environment,…


ViiBE (France) is a download-free video assistance technology dedicated to technical support centers providing expert remote diagnosis. ViiBE is supported by our CATALYST program, which…

Carbon Upcycling Technologies

Carbon Upcycling Technologies (Canada) offers a carbon utilization technology that creates advanced concrete additives from CO2 gas emissions. Carbon Upcycling Technologies is supported by our…


Eave (UK) has developed a complete hearing protection system for construction workers consisting of smart ear defenders which promote situational awareness and an online platform…


vHive (Israel) is a software solution that enables enterprises to deploy autonomous drone hives to digitize their assets and operations in the field, particularly in…


New Worlds: discover our 2023 yearbook

The "New Worlds" are those of a sustainable future

CATALYST: 10 innovative companies selected for the 4th cohort of the support program

Leonard is greeting the 4th cohort of its CATALYST program, designed to foster cooperation between innovative companies and VINCI companies in construction, mobility, real estate and energy. The 10 innovative companies selected among more than 180 evaluated ventures, meet the challenges of environmental transition, safety, productivity and competitiveness of VINCI companies' offerings and business lines.

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