Radar – Our selection of innovative businesses #45

Carbon8 Systems, a UK pioneer in permanent CO2 capture, partners with CEMEX. - The Israeli start-up Nemo is studying the use of nanomaterials in the construction sector - Vestack, Bulldozair, Tracktor... zoom in on three French start-ups that are making a difference in the construction industry.

UK Carbon8 Systems, a pioneer in permanent CO2 capture, has partnered with CEMEX

CEMEX has announced a partnership with the startup Carbon8 Systems to assess its patented carbon capture, use and storage technology. The aim is to study how CO2 captured during the cement production process in CEMEX plants can be used to develop low-carbon construction products, such as alternative aggregates.

Based in the UK, Carbon8 Systems is a pioneer in CO2 capture and thermal waste mineralisation through its patented chemical process, Accelerated Carbonation Technology (ACT). The technology faciliates CO2 capture, the recycling of industrial waste, and substitutes carbon-intensive products with more sustainable alternatives. ACT is already being used in different industries, such as cement production and waste-to-energy plants.

CEMEX’s cement plants in Rudersdorf, Germany and Rugby, UK, will be the first two pilot sites. If the experiment is successful, other CEMEX sites could follow.

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Israeli start-up Nemo pioneers the use of nanomaterials in the construction sector

Founded in 2018, Israeli startup Nemo Nanomaterials has just entered the industrial phase after three years of R&D. The company supplies nanomaterials for various industries, particularly the construction and public works sector.

The technology and processes developed by Nemo Nanomaterials for the treatment and mixing of carbon nanomaterials enhance plastics with features of metals such as electrical conductivity and shielding properties with a weight reduction of 30%. Nanomaterials technology can be applied to fluid supply lines, battery casings, internal and structural components.

Nemo Nanomaterials has raised $7 million in pre-seed and seed funding, the bulk of which came from Cyprus-based GEM Capital. The startup is already working with 10 large companies, with customers and co-development partners included in the list, and has started mass producing its products, with some others still at the prototype stage.

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Vestack, Bulldozair and Tracktor : three French start-ups making a difference in the construction industry

On its website, l’Usine Nouvelle introduces three rising start-ups in the French ConTech/PropTech sector.

Vestack’s innovative construction approach means that buildings are produced faster and at lower cost. By combining digital design, bio-based materials and modular manufacturing, it drastically reduces the buildings’ environmental footprint. In 2021, the company raised €2.6 million and opened an off-site construction plant in Seine-et-Marne.

Bulldozair designs tools to collect photographs, forms and notes on construction sites, to plan visit reports and facilitate teamwork between traders. The company raised €4 million in 2020.

Tracktor is a bespoke rental service of construction vehicles for professionals, with or without drivers. 30,000 items are listed on the platform at all times and can be booked online in a matter of minutes. By early 2021, it had over 3,500 clients.

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Atlanta start-up Cove.tool has raised $30 million for its sustainable building design platform – The Business Journals 

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