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Attentive.ai raises $7 million to develop automation in landscaping and construction services. Dutch startup Monumental raises $25 million to develop brick-laying robots. Swiss startup MeduSoil raises €5.5 million to develop construction biomaterials.

Attentive.ai raises $7 million to develop automation in landscaping and construction services

The startup Attentive.ai, which is based in the US and India, has recently raised $7 million in Series A led by Vertex Ventures Southeast Asia and India, Tenacity Ventures, Peak XV’s Surge and InfoEdge Ventures.

Since spring 2021, the startup has been developing tools specially designed for the landscaping and construction sectors. Thanks to a combination of automation, AI and computer vision, their solutions aim to streamline operations and estimations, make it easier to take site measurements and improve invoicing.

The startup’s main feature, Automeasure, uses a Google Maps-like interface enabling companies to get the measurements of any property by simply searching for a particular address. Attentive.ai also develops Accelerate, a cloud-based business management software which automates sales processes and operational workflows.

Initially focused on the landscaping industry, the company has now expanded into the larger construction industry with its tool called Beam AI, which can automate the tracing of blueprint plans. The startup has a $4 million annual recurring revenue rate and has over 500 companies as its customers across the US and Canada. Attentive.ai currently has a workforce of 160 employees (155 of which are based in India) and intends to use part of these new funds to hire more people for its go-to-market team in the US, as well as expand R&D operations.

Dutch startup Monumental raises $25 million to develop brick-laying robots

Dutch startup Monumental has developed brick-laying robots capable of working autonomously alongside humans. Fitted with sensors and computer vision, the fully-electric machines use crane-like arms to place bricks and mortar with human-level precision.

Following numerous pilot projects in the Netherlands, Monumental‘s brick-laying robot completed its first 15-meter wall in 2023. Since then, the startup has deployed its robots on other projects and signed deals with several top-25 general contractors.

Thanks to its solution, Monumental has recently raised $25 million in funding from dep-tech investor Plural, as well as Hummingbird, Northzone, Foundamental and NP-Hard Ventures. These funds will be used to expand its team of engineers and scale up the number of robots it can deploy on sites across Europe.

Monumental was founded in 2021 by Salar al Khafaji and CTO Sebastiaan Visser, who formerly co-founded the data visualization firm Silk, which was acquired by Palantir in 2016. 

Swiss startup MeduSoil raises €5.5 million to develop construction biomaterials

The Swiss company MeduSoil, a specialist sustainable materials manufacturer, has just secured CHF 5.2 million (approximately €5.51 million) in post-seed funding. The funding round was led by existing investors, as well as new support from the Technology Fund, a fund overseen by the Climate Division of the Swiss Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN).

Founded in Lausanne in 2020, MeduSoil offers sustainable construction solutions based on biomineral-based binder products. The latter help reduce the reliance on chemically synthesized or mined binders – which create more carbon emissions – and can be used in landscaping, foundations and protective measures to enhance the resilience of buildings against natural disasters.

The company will use the new funds to expand its production and sales, helping to cement its ambition to become a major player in sustainable building materials in Switzerland and Europe. 

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