[Replay] Contech: Is construction too big to disrupt?

Construction accounts for 9% of the EU’s GDP and employs 18m people. It’s also one of the least digitalised industries in Europe. Why the sector has been so resistant to change and how startups and established construction players can build a better industry? A look back at the Sifted Talks on October 14th 2021.

What can construction tech learn from Katerra’s collapse? Which areas of construction have the most to gain from digital transformation Construction is known for its lack of digital skills — what role do startups play in turning this around?

On October 14th 2021, Tara Mirkovic, SEED program associate at Leonard debated with Patric Hellermann, General partner at Foundamental and Ieva Sibilla Strupule | Cofounder & CEO, Material Mapper


Photo credit: Dr Andrew Garthwaite


Six key points were identified from these exchanges:

1. Construction tech investment is on the up

2. Climate regulation is driving new tech

3. The pandemic left a gap for productivity tech

4. The key to success is usefulness

5. Supply chains are a big problem

6. There’s room for more diversity!

Read the report of these exchanges on the Sifted website and watch the replay:

Sifted Talks: Built to last: Is construction too big to disrupt? from Hello Sifted on Vimeo.


>> To find out more, see our recently published Construction Tech study in partnership with Sifted.



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