Artificial intelligence: the 2nd cohort of Leonard’s AI course hosts 13 new projects

In 2021, Leonard will be hosting 13 artificial intelligence projects meeting the challenges of environmental transition, safety, productivity and the competitiveness of VINCI companies' offerings and business lines.

The Artificial Intelligence program is designed to assist VINCI entities in the design and development of artificial intelligence projects likely to reveal growth potential or anticipate market transformation. Leonard works alongside VINCI companies that are members of the programme to carry out projects that will be industrialised.

13 new projects supported in 2021

After supporting the development of 8 artificial intelligence applications with VINCI companies in 2020, Leonard welcomes 13 new projects in 2021. The projects put AI at the service of predictive maintenance of buildings and infrastructure, generative design, economic prediction of operations or optimisation of worksite logistics.

These new projects involve 50 team members from VINCI Energies, VINCI Construction, Eurovia, VINCI Immobilier and VINCI Concessions companies. They will put the concepts and technical feasibility of their projects to the test during an initial one-month phase before embarking on a 4-month incubation phase, if the feasibility and business criteria are met.

Emerging applications of AI in 2021

  • Predictive maintenance for transport systems / VINCI Energies
  • Predictive maintenance for industry and infrastructure operation / VINCI Construction – VINCI Concessions
  • Predicting the economic drift of a project or positioning it in relation to the competition / VINCI Energies – Eurovia
  • Generative design for industrial design / VINCI Energies
  • Optimising logistics / VINCI Energies
  • Geophysical analysis of soils / VINCI Construction
  • Operating telecom infrastructure / VINCI Energies

A look back at the first eight projects supported in 2020

In 2020, the first cohort of Leonard’s Artificial Intelligence course accompanied the development of 8 artificial intelligence applications with VINCI companies.

Helping VINCI companies to accelerate and improve their projects using Generative Design solutions supplemented by artificial intelligence algorithms.

Automatically monitor worksites by chrono-analysis thanks to deep learning and computer vision.

Pateu and Robert
Automatically generate Autocad plans of historical monuments thanks to the combination of computer vision and deep learning.

Predict the evolution of the runway geometry thanks to AI and take advantage of predictive maintenance to optimise the life of the South Europe Atlantic (SEA) high-speed line.

Customer Satisfaction
Predict and improve customer satisfaction in an airport through AI.

Leverage AI algorithms to accurately predict aircraft take-off times based on all airport data, minimising fuel consumption and the airport’s carbon impact.

Infrastructure management
Improve infrastructure management through better prediction of pavement deterioration.

Optimise the creation of sprinkler networks, from the commercial proposal to the production line, thanks to reinforcement learning algorithms.

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