Leonard’s acceleration programs involve 44 new projects in 2021

Leonard, the VINCI Group's foresight and innovation platform, presents the 44 startups, innovative companies and VINCI employee teams selected to join its four acceleration and support programs in 2021. These projects provide pioneering solutions covering environmental transition, safety, productivity and competitiveness in VINCI's activities across construction, mobility, property development and energy. They will start working with Leonard in January 2021.

Leonard has been leading a community of trailblazers for almost 4 years. They come from a variety of backgrounds and they are all playing their part in the transformation of construction, mobility, energy and property development. The health crisis and its economic impact are bringing about new challenges for everyone involved in designing, building and operating urban services and infrastructure. The VINCI executives and Leonard partner investors on the jury have selected 44 projects geared for the challenges arising from environmental transition, safety, productivity and competitiveness in VINCI’s companies and activities.

The quality and variety of the projects mirrors the creativity of the entrepreneurs working in VINCI’s areas of expertise. This contingent’s solutions encompass:

  • Construction and operation automation (robotics, cobotics),
  • Remote worksite and infrastructure monitoring (drones, satellites),
  • Predictive maintenance and support for project design and management (parametric design, scheduling, etc.),
  • Collaborative project-management and materials-sourcing platforms,
  • Optimising projects’ energy efficiency and reducing their environmental impacts.

Julien Villalongue, Leonard’s Managing Director: “The 44 entrepreneurial projects Leonard will be working with in the 2021 contingent confirm that innovators are committed to developing environmental solutions. The environment is one of the key issues in VINCI’s business sectors. Now it’s also one of the key factors driving innovation in our business lines.”


Four ambitious programs to tackle the challenges surrounding the transformation of jobs relating to cities and infrastructure

Leonard’s four acceleration and support programs are open to startups, innovative companies, VINCI employees and Group entities that are determined to play their part in the transformation of jobs in the construction, mobility, energy and property development sectors.

  • The SEED program supports early-stage startups for 6 months, to help them get off the ground, grow and find funding for their projects. The second contingent will include 9 of these projects. They will be based in Leonard’s offices in Paris, receive a €30,000 capital injection, take a course in entrepreneurship by Stanford University, and connect with Leonard’s network of experts and investors. And they can apply for funding from French Tech Seed, a fund that includes Leonard among its prescribers.

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  • The CATALYST program puts the most mature innovative companies in a position to start rolling out their products and services in partnership with VINCI Group companies. The second contingent will include 10 of these companies. They will have preferential access to VINCI executives and Leonard will be by their side from their first meeting up to the point where they formalise their partnership.

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  • The Intrapreneurs track supports innovative projects initiated by VINCI employees. Its goal is to foster new business opportunities within the Group. This programme has fast-tracked 42 projects since its inception in 2018, and 8 business ventures and companies have emerged within VINCI as a result. The fifth contingent will include 12 teams, encompassing 21 Group company employees, in 2021. Four of the projects were identified by Leonard:DACH, Leonard’s new branch in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

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  • The AI program aims to boost artificial intelligence in applications relating to building and infrastructure construction and operation. It took in 8 projects in 2020 and will take in 13 in 2021.

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