Leonard for Innovators

AI Program

We help VINCI Group entities design and develop promising artificial intelligence projects that have the capacity to reveal a potential growth driver or anticipate a market transformation.

Leonard’s advantages

  • A multidisciplinary path open to all entities
  • Methodology support for designing and developing your AI project
  • Daily monitoring (coaching, training and mentoring)
  • Access to a network of AI experts at the VINCI Group

Les modalités

Application and project selection (2.5 months)

We select the most promising projects based on the following criteria:
• The AI system’s capacity to respond to a specific use case identified by your entity
• The accessibility of your data and how it is used
• The possibility of tasking at least one employee to oversee the project through its implementation

Qualification (1 month)

This stage notably serves to refine the project based on the selected use case and to verify its feasibility. It notably includes the following steps:
• Compile a benchmark of internal and external solutions
• Produce an audit to assess the availability, volumetrics and quality of data to process
• Design the infrastructure needed to implement the project

Incubation (4 months)

The incubation period corresponds to the project launch, design, roll-out and industrialization. It notably includes:
• A phase to define models, set parameters and assess the infrastructure selected for the project
• A phase to verify the project’s business, technical and industrial pertinence, prior to its production launch and final implementation within the VINCI Group

Any questions?

Do you have any questions about the Artificial Intelligence course? You've come to the right place!

What is the aim of the Artificial Intelligence Programme?

Many of VINCI’s businesses want to explore the opportunities created by artificial intelligence. We are offering Group entities the opportunity to develop use cases with the aim of driving business, improving processes and anticipating changes in the market.

Who is eligible to take part in the Leonard Artificial Intelligence Programme?

All VINCI Group entities, regardless of geographic location or area of activity, can apply to the Leonard Artificial Intelligence Programme.

Can any project be chosen for the Artificial Intelligence Programme?

To be selected, your project must meet four conditions: - Your entity has identified a use case where AI could play a role - You have accessible, exploitable data - You can mobilise one or more employees, who will be responsible for implementing the use case themselves - Your entity can contribute up to €20,000 to fund the project

Which projects do you plan on including in the programme?

All VINCI companies can apply to the AI Programme.

How long is the programme?

The programme takes five months, split into two phases. During the first phase, we refine the case study and check that AI would meet the identified need. The second phase involves designing the project in order to prepare it for rollout and standardisation.

How much time will employees involved be required to devote to the programme?

The time spent on the project will vary according to the skill sets of the different project leaders. The coaching team sets weekly goals that must be achieved in order to meet the target deadline of five months.

What guidance does Leonard provide as part of the Artificial Intelligence Programme?

Leonard provides guidance through: - Methodology to help you structure and develop your project - Daily coaching - Access to a network of experts from the entire VINCI Group You will also have access to Leonard’s development infrastructure, as well as meetings and events held during the programme. Participating entities will also commit to share their projects and any knowledge acquired with their peers.

Do the employees involved have to come to Leonard’s offices in Paris?

No — the aim is that teams remain on site so they can keep abreast of what is happening on the ground and continue monitoring data accurately. The project leaders will be required to come to Leonard:Paris for project kick-offs, presentations and strategy meetings. Wherever you are based, you will receive guidance from Leonard through methodological support, as well as access to a mentor and the network of VINCI experts, etc.

What happens at the end of the five-month Artificial Intelligence Programme?

At the end of the program, the entities involved will have all the information they need to decide whether to roll out and standardise their project. They will understand how the project should evolve within their own scopes of business and will remain members of Leonard’s AI learning community.

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