Leonard for Innovators

Intrapreneurs program

We support the development of innovative projects led by VINCI employees in order to generate new business growth in the areas of construction, real estate, mobility and energy.

Leonard’s advantages

  • A state-of-the-art certifying program in partnership with Stanford Center for Professional Development
  • Tailor made coaching with an entrepreneur in residence and specific workshops
  • A network to foster the development of your project (internal mentors, external mentors and experts)
  • Peer-learning with intrapreneurs and entrepreneurs
  • Over 30 projects supported to date
  • Real opportunities within VINCI entities (creation of a new BU or a new activity)
  • Office space at Leonard:Paris or within a partner incubator or co-working space



We are looking for projects capable of helping VINCI build the cities and infrastructures of the future. We pay close attention to projects that can contribute to VINCI’s environmental ambitions.

We are looking for highly motivated employees with an entrepreneurial mindset and willing to join a team in order to build a vision and develop a project together.

Applications are open to intrapreneurs with a project idea and to intrapreneurs who want to join an existing project.

I have an idea

I have an idea

  Submit a project  

Incubation (4 months)

The incubation period enables the intrapreneurs to validate the problem and the market potential they have identified, to refine their value proposition and business model hypothesis and to build a comprehensive roadmap. Key elements :



The intrapreneurs will follow the « Idea to Market » certificate from Stanford University



They will have access to internal and external mentors and they will be coached by an entrepreneur in residence



An acceleration committee determines which projects will go to the acceleration phase

Acceleration (4 months)

The acceleration period enables project leaders to continue working within a VINCI hub, with the possibility of ultimately creating a new BU or activity. It notably includes:



Over two weeks, candidates benefit from tailored support to adapt their project within a VINCI hub.



Over one month, candidates develop their projects while taking actual market needs into account.

Engagement committee

Engagement committee

At the end of the acceleration phase, the engagement committee validates the integration of projects into the hubs and determines the conditions for the development of the future activity.


January 2023

Launch of the incubation of the new promotion!

June 2023

Acceleration Committee

January 2023 - June 2023

Let's keep in touch! Prepare your files and/or contact us: intrapreneurs@vinci.com

June 2023

Launch of the new call for projects (2024 cohort)

October 2023

Closing date for applications (2024 cohort)

November 2023

Selection committee and results

January 2024

Kick-off of the program

Do you have any questions ?

You have questions about the Intrapreneurs program ? You're at the right place.

Who can apply to Leonard’s Intrapreneurs program?

All VINCI employees, regardless of their level, activity or country, can apply for the Intrapreneurs program.

Can a team apply for the Intrapreneurs program?

Ideally, the project owner should submit a project implicating a team (minimum 2 people). The team must posses complimentary skills in order to enhance its chances of success. Nevertheless, the project lead can start the incubation program individually and complete his / her team along the program.

Whats is the selection criteria for the program ?

- Idea eligibility : the idea must concern any of VINCI’s verticals and reflect a new business orientation

- Team : all team members must be highly motivated, posses complimentary skills and show an entrepreneurial mindset

- Need and market : the project must adress an existing and confirmed need which implies a high potential market

- Value proposition : the value proposition must adress a specific use case. The project must be technically and economically realistic and viable.

- Fit with the program : the project should have a tranversal dimension (cross-entities and cross-functions), a roadmap that can be implemented during the incubation period and it must meet VINCI’s global performance ambitions (including environmental ones)

Leonard is based in Paris. Is the program suited for international employees and French employees not based in Paris metropolitan area?

Leonard programs are designed for all employees, wherever they are based. Besides being a place, Leonard is a platform with a digital presence making it accessible to all employees across the globe.

Furthermore, the “Idea to Market” certificate delivered by Stanford University is accessible online.

What will I learn through the Entrepreneurship Certificate delivered by Stanford University?

The program is suited for early stage startups and projects. The course focuses on helping you structure your project and value proposition and defining your strategy and your mid-long term roadmap.

The “Idea to Market” Certificate delivered by Stanford University is organized around 4 key topics covered in 10 weeks:

- Assess business opportunity, market viability and product market fit

- Develop a robust business model architecture, go-to market strategy and product development roadmap

- Create an execution roadmap through effective planning, KPI definition and financial modelling and build a relevant business plan

- Understand fundraising mechanism and storytelling to prepare a compelling pitch deck and presentation

- The program also includes weekly workshops including discussions, exercises and expert guest speaker as well as 3 live virtual sessions with Stanford faculty. For more information on the Stanford Idea to Market Entrepreneurship Program, you can go on their website.

The Intrapreneur program in pictures

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What do we do?

The VINCI Group created Leonard to tackle the challenges posed by the transformation of regions and lifestyles. Our goal is to unite a community of key stakeholders in order to build the city of the future together.