Leonard for Innovators


During 6 months, we help early stage startups launch and develop innovative projects in our verticals.

Benefits of the program

  • A state-of-the-art certifying program in partnership with Stanford Center for Professional Development
  • Specific workshops organized by Leonard
  • Meeting with VINCI experts to validate the relevance of projects
  • Access to Leonard’s network of Business Angels and VC partners
  • Office space at Leonard:Paris
  • Financial contribution of 30K€


Our business areas

The projects we support cover four major verticals to help meet the challenges facing tomorrow's cities and infrastructure.





Real Estate

Real Estate




January 2022

Launch of the incubation of the new promotion!

January 2022 - June 2022

Let's keep in touch! Prepare your files and/or contact us: startup.leonard@vinci.com!

June 2022

Launch of the new call for projects (2022 cohort)

October 2022

Closing date for applications (2022 cohort)

November 2022

Selection committee and results

January 2023

Kick-off of the program

Any questions ?

What is the aim of Leonard’s SEED program? 

VINCI is one of the major players in the construction, real estate, mobility and energy industries in the world. As VINCI’s innovation and foresight arm,at Leonard, we believe that our role is to be an enabler and a key player in the emergence of a European and international ecosystem around our key sectors. This is why we support early stage startups in our verticals in order to build together the cities and infrastructures of the future. 

Who can apply to the SEED program? 

The SEED program is open to early stage startups. We focus on startups under 2 years old, generally pre-seed stage with a prototype or at the initial pilot stage operating in VINCI’s verticals (construction, mobility, real estate, energy) and looking to refine their value proposition in order to prepare for their first fundraising. 

How to apply?  

Applications are open throughout the year. Two cohorts join us every year in spring and in fall. All startups that have completed their application before the end of each call for projects will be reviewed by an internal committee of VINCI experts, top managers and external partners which may require phone interviews with the candidates. If your application is shortlisted, you will be invited to pitch your project in front of a jury consisting of VINCI top manager and external investors. 

How many startup are selected? 

We will select around 10 startups per cohort with two cohorts every year. 

What are your selection criteria? 

The eligibility requirements are the following:
- Quality of the team: skill relevance, complementarity, expertise and market knowledge
- Value proposition: existing prototype or MVP, unfair advantages, initial traction (actual customers or potential customers)
- Market dynamic: Market size, market dynamic and maturity
- Fit with the SEED program: relevance with specific VINCI business lines, maturity of the company (pre-seed / seed stage looking to prepare a first fundraising), capacity and willing to review and question current value proposition and strategy

What are the benefits of the program?

The SEED program will help you refine your value proposition, go to market strategy and prepare your fundraising. You will have access to:
- A state of the art experiential learning program powered by curriculum from the Stanford Center for Professional Development
- Specific workshops on key subjects organized by Leonard
- Meetings with VINCI experts to validate the relevance of your project
- Access to Leonard’s network of Business Angels and VC partners
-Office and meeting space at Leonard:Paris
- Financial investment of 30K€
- A Demo Day with VINCI decision makers, partners and venture capitalist

Is VINCI taking a stake in my company?

In return for this investment in cash and services, VINCI subscribes to a bon de souscription d’actions - accord d’investissement rapide (BSA Air) which is the equivalent of simple agreement for future equity (SAFE) in French Law. The BSA Air is a financial mechanism that allows investments to be made in a startup without having to define a valuation (subject to a floor and a cap valuation). In clearer terms, until the startup has not raised funds, VINCI is not a shareholder and the BSAI Air is considered quasi equity. Leonard won’t ask any special control or unusual investor rights in your company. The aim of Leonard is to be considered as a partner helping your company succeed. Specific details of the terms and conditions of the BSA Air agreement will be communicated as you progress through the selection process. For more information on SAFE (US documentation).
For more information on BSA Air (FR documentation).

It is a full time and in-person program?

The SEED program is a physical and full-time program of six months taking place in the center of Paris. It is based on peer-learning and takes advantage of the networking opportunities and richness of events at Leonard

What will I learn through the curriculum powered by the Stanford Center for Professional Development (SCPD)?

The program is suited for pre or early post-revenue stage startups with at least a working prototype. The course focuses on structuring your strategy, on challenging your current assumptions and on preparing your first fundraising like a pro. The program is organized around 4 key topics covered in 10 weeks:
- Assess business opportunity, market viability and product market fit
- Develop a robust business model architecture, go-to market strategy and product development roadmap
- Create an execution roadmap through effective planning, KPI definition and financial modelling and build a relevant business plan
- Understand fundraising mechanism and storytelling to prepare a compelling pitch deck and presentation
- The program also includes local in-person weekly workshops including discussions, exercises and expert guest speaker as well as 3 live virtual sessions with SCPD faculty.

What do we do?

The VINCI Group created Leonard to tackle the challenges posed by the transformation of regions and lifestyles. Our goal is to unite a community of key stakeholders in order to build the city of the future together.