#BuildingBeyond: 12 startups transforming housing and the construction industry

Leonard:Paris is a place for exploring ideas for the future of cities, bringing together all those who are looking to invent and build the city, and support those on their way in doing so. Startups sit on the exact intersection of these three goals.

EdFab MeetUp

The dozen chosen here took part in the festival, and are shaking things up in all of Vinci’s sectors of activity. While some amongst them are supported by Leonard, all of them (as represented by their founders) are here to enhance the collective experience and exchange with other entrepreneurs, the public, researchers, industry experts…

SiXense Mapping: these lidars integrated in drones enable construction site readings and monitor worksite progress.

Openergy: this SaaS energy managing platform maps a building’s energy consumption and identifies which actions to take to comply with energy objectives while a building is up and running.

Concreative* intends to free creativity for architects thanks to concrete 3D printing.

Rehalib* is looking to make renovation projects easier thanks to their augmented reality models.

AVUS*: this augmented reality app makes networks beneath the road’s surface visible.

Metroscope: this “digital twin” mapping software optimizes industrial work maintenance.

Locatio: this platform connects renters and landlords, making dialogue between the two much easier.

Urbalia, in partnership with AgroParisTech and the VINCI-ParisTech Chair of Eco-Design, maps the impact that constructions and development has on biodiversity.

Clem: this electric car-sharing platform is not only for the general public, but for businesses and planners, helping to making mobility cleaner.

SmartHab wants to integrate its smart home automation solution into new buildings, providing all-inclusive, ready-to-use sensors and software.

Traxxeo ensure paperless smart worksite management using IoT integrated into machinery and enterprise software.

Altaroad have developed a compact, dynamic system that weighs vehicles on site, enabling optimization of loads and, over time, to monitor road traffic.

*startups incubated at Leonard

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