CATALYST Demo Days – 11 daily online presentations replays

From June 5th to June 19th, Leonard invited you to follow a series of 11 daily online presentations of successful collaboration cases between startups from our CATALYST program and operational business units from VINCI.

During these 2 weeks, we showcased the startups’ value proposition and use cases for VINCI and allowed a discussion between them and selected representatives of the VINCI’s entities.

Here are the videos of these replay presentations

5 juin : – How to use AI to improve security (and social distancing) on a construction site

8 juin : Hiboo – Comment gérer plus efficacement son parc machine ?

9 juin : Holobuilder – How to enhance the progress analysis of a construction project to turn it into a sale argument?

10 juin : AOS – Comment améliorer la gestion des appels d’offre (gain de temps et d’efficacité) ?

11 juin : Waycare – How to improve traffic management via AI?

12 juin : Kenzen – How to prevent risks for workers before it’s too late?

15 juin : Converge – How to enhance productivity on a construction site thanks to IOT?

16-juin : Civdrone – How to empower surveyors to layout coordinates with paint and stakes 4x faster using unmanned systems?

17 juin : Spacemaker – Le generative design pour optimiser les opérations immobilières

18 juin : DIREXYON – Optimize critical asset/infrastructure investment strategy to maintain the service levels (sustainability) at the lowest costs?

19 juin : Vizcab – Anticiper la nouvelle réglementation RE2020 et améliorer l’impact carbone des bâtiments via les analyses de cycle de vie

What do we do?

The VINCI Group created Leonard to tackle the challenges posed by the transformation of regions and lifestyles. Our goal is to unite a community of key stakeholders in order to build the city of the future together.