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Zéloce, programme CATALYST 2024


CATALYST Program 2024 Zeloce is a software publisher specializing in last-mile logistics tracking for wide-gauge items. Zeloce simplifies and rationalizes goods flows by connecting the various players in…
Voliro, programme CATALYST 2024


CATALYST Program 2024 Voliro offers an innovative drone for contact inspection and high-precision work close to structures. Voliro is supported by our CATALYST program, which gives the most…
Optimiz Construction, programme CATALYST 2024

Optimiz Construction

CATALYST Program 2024 Optimiz Construction helps structural engineering companies save up to 15% on reinforcement costs by optimizing materials, facilitating installation and reducing waste. Optimiz Construction is supported…
Netcarbon, programme CATALYST 2024


CATALYST Program 2024 NetCarbon is a technology that combines satellite data and artificial intelligence to simulate and improve the environmental impact of a construction project on a series…
Materrup, programme CATALYST 2024


CATALYST Program 2024 Materrup is a young industrial company with an impact, producing a low-carbon cement based on uncalcined clay derived from local waste. This local cement halves…
Machine26, programme CATALYST 2024


CATALYST Program 2024 Machine26 is a marketplace that helps construction equipment owners sell their machines effortlessly. The inspection application collects all machine condition data so that customers can…
IPG Energy, programme CATALYST 2024

IPG Energy

CATALYST Program 2024 IPG’s flameless generator is a clean generator. Thanks to a patented flameless combustion technology, it provides pollutant-free energy from any fuel, at a competitive cost.…
Flyability, programme CATALYST 2024


CATALYST Program 2024 Flyability proposes Drone designed for hard-to-reach areas. It’s ideal for safer, faster and more cost-effective inspections of confined spaces. Flyability is supported by our CATALYST…
Droople, programme CATALYST 2024


CATALYST Program 2024 Droople is an innovative technology platform enabling industries to optimize water resources, improve sustainability and ensure environmental compliance through real-time monitoring and data-driven information. Droople…
Alteia, programme catalyst 2024


CATALYST Program 2024 Alteia offers software that enables companies to manage and analyze large-scale visual data (photos, lidar, video) to improve their operational efficiency. Today, companies use Alteia…
Aitenders, programme catalyst 2024


CATALYST Program 2024 Aïtenders is a tendering, contract management and knowledge management platform for the global construction industry. Aïtenders is supported by our CATALYST program, which gives the…
Geoclay, SEED programme 2024


SEED Program 2024 Geoclay uses clays as raw materials, which release water molecules during firing instead of CO2 . Geoclay offers a flash calcination process for clays that…
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