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Strong by form, programme SEED 2024

Strong by Form

SEED Program 2024 Strong by Form is a technology company that combines the logic of composite materials with the natural intelligence of wood and advanced robotics to produce…
Spybee, programme SEED 2024


SEED Program 2024 Spybee is a ConTech operating in Latin America, combining high-precision on-site drone surveys, virtual reality, real-time data processing and collaborative tools (including WhatsApp). This approach…
Orus Energy, programme SEED 2024

Orus energy

SEED Program 2024 Orus Energy is AI-powered software that helps commercial building operators activate and monetize their flexibility on the power grid in order to generate a new…
Floware, SEED program 2024


SEED Program 2024 Floware offers an innovative mobility flow analysis solution for private and public sector operators. Floware’s AI technology uniquely combines innovative sensors with modeling and simulation…
Akidaia Programme SEED 2024


SEED Program 2024 Akidaia has created a non-connected identification system to secure and streamline access control systems, even in isolated or temporary sites such as construction sites. This…
Abim, Programme SEED 2024


SEED Program 2024 ABIM’s know-how and technology facilitate the monitoring and predictive maintenance of ports and underwater infrastructures. ABIM gathers raw data on a web-based digital twin platform,…
Logo OpenSpace


CATALYST Program 2023 OpenSpace provides next-generation reality capture software, powerful integrations, and the smartest analytics tools in the industry. The solution is dedicated to monitoring construction sites and…
Logo NatureMetrics


CATALYST Program 2023 NatureMetric’s nature performance monitoring service uses environmental DNA technology to generate comprehensive data, rapidly and cost-effectively. These robust data sets are converted into decision- useful…
Logo Loris


CATALYST Program 2023 Loris connects, secures, and captures data from industrial job sites using proprietary battery-powered, portable, temporary light-towers which provide WIFI, security (motion sensors + 360° cameras),…
Logo Heex Technologies

Heex Technologies

Heex Technologies 2023 Heex Technologies accelerates AI development and enhances operations monitoring by enabling organizations to get the most value out of their data. By transitioning from a…
Logo Exodigo


CATALYST Program 2023 Exodigo has developed a non-intrusive subsurface imaging platform that uses multi-sensing fusion and AI to provide a digital geolocated 3D map of buried assets. ECOncrete…
Logo ECOncrete


CATALYST Program 2023 A bio-enhancing, fully compliant concrete technology that increases the ecological and structural value of coastal and marine infrastructure. ECOncrete has received support from our CATALYST…
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