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DemoDay – DataCity#4

Come and see the finished projects and meet the teams that worked on them at the DemoDay, with Paris deputy mayor Jean-Louis Missika, this 12 June at the Hôtel de Ville.

DataCity is the open-innovation programme developed by Numa and Paris city council. It teamed up 15 large groups and 10 startups, and tasked them with developing trailblazing, down-to-earth and upscalable solutions to everyday problems in cities. The 11 project teams at the 4th DataCity event carried out experiments aimed at upgrading public areas, developing urban mobility, practising sport and managing energy.

Leonard, Lacroix Group, Evesa and Paris city council harnessed artificial intelligence from Cyclope.ai to blend soft mobility more seamlessly into cities, by synching traffic lights for pedestrians, cyclists and new one-person carriers.

Challenge "Mobilité douce" - DataCity #4

Omexom worked with Total, Enedis, Sopra Steria and Paris city council to help business vehicle fleets go more electric by simplifying fast charging in Paris.

Challenge "Recharge des véhicules pro" - DataCity #4

If you want to find out more about these experiments, their findings, the doors AI is opening for mobility in cities, and the 10 other projects.

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