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Leonard is a partner and, for the second consecutive year, hosts the Ocean pitch challenge, the competition that brings forth projects promoting ocean health. Join us online on May 28th from 5 pm.

A competition stemming from an alliance in France

The Ocean Pitch Challenge was born from an alliance between Sustainable Ocean Alliance (SOA) and RespectOcean.

This competition aims to:

  • Bring forth and highlight viable economic solutions in favor of the protection of the ocean and its marine and coastal ecosystems;
  • Give candidates the opportunity to have their solution reviewed by an expert committee;
  • Train the 10 finalists in pitch technique to enhance their skills and increase their ability to secure funding for their solution from investors;
  • Reward the best candidates during the Grand Finale.

10 top finalists

Among the 28 solution candidates for the 2024 Ocean pitch challenge, 10 have been selected by an expert committee. These finalists will have the opportunity to present their solution during the Grand Finale, which will take place on May 28th, starting at 5 pm at Leonard:Paris, where you can discover them online and vote for your favorite solution!

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The competition jury (including Julien Villalongue, director of Leonard) will be responsible for selecting the winners, while you will have the opportunity to discover these 10 finalists online. Each of these finalist solutions reflects a deep commitment to ocean preservation and offers innovative responses to the challenges facing the marine environment.

We are particularly proud to have among this year’s 10 finalists the startup Wave X, supported in 2023 by our SEED program.


  • AZUL BIO : Azul Bio creates Coral Microbiome Boosters (CMB) to shield coastal businesses from financial losses caused by coral reef decline by immunizing wild coral reefs against ocean warming.
  • BIOMANITY : Biomanity is developing the first 100% bio-sourced, biodegradable grain of sand free from microplastics, based on chitosan, a biopolymer derived from shrimp shells. It acts as a water reservoir for plants and encapsulates fertilizers to prevent their dispersion in soils and aquatic ecosystems.
  • BLUU GMBH : BLUU is the first company in Europe to specialize in the commercial production of cell-based fish. It develops and produces fish from real animal proteins derived from a fermenter, without animal suffering, microplastics, contamination by heavy metals, or environmental destruction. Their technology enables the cultivation of fish cells outside the animal’s body, in a nutrient medium composed of plant-based raw materials.
  • ITTINSECT – FEED FOR THE OCEAN : Creation of sustainable and innovative foods obtained through biotechnological extraction of proteins from agricultural by-products (yeasts, microbes, insect powder) using a circular production method. These foods provide a sustainable alternative to aquatic feeding no longer reliant on wild fishing.
  • OCEAN LEDGER : Ocean Ledger facilitates investment in blue carbon through a digital solution that reduces project timelines, costs, and technical risks while converting ecosystem services into monetary value in line with the UN SEEA. With their innovative geospatial software, they identify areas suitable for project development, establish benchmarks, and ensure continuous monitoring.
  • ROYAL RECY BOAT :Royal Recy Boat NC offers sustainable waste management solutions through its ship dismantling and rebuilding activities. Their ambition is to develop fiberglass recycling from end-of-life vessels, which will then be transformed into urban furniture or standardized construction materials, for example.
  • SEA BEDDER :Sea Bedder is an innovative mapping tool designed to mitigate damage to coral reefs caused by ship anchoring practices. By utilizing latitude and longitude coordinates from AIS data, it enables the location and visual mapping of ships, providing clear understanding to ship owners.
  • SUBSEA QUIETER par Greenov :SubSea Quieter is a solution aimed at reducing the critical impact of submarine noise on ecosystems during coastal and offshore works, including the installation of Marine Renewable Energies. Made with an innovative 3D membrane, once inflated, the impedance mismatch between water and air significantly attenuates sounds, from 94 to 99% depending on the frequency.
  • UPCYCLE AFRICA : Upcycle Africa forme gratuitement des communautés marginalisées à la couture et au recyclage des déchets plastiques, générant ainsi des emplois tout en luttant contre la pollution. En transformant les déchets plastiques en produits de valeur et en logements écologiques, l’organisation vise à fournir des solutions durables tout en responsabilisant les groupes marginalisés (femmes, personnes handicapées, réfugiés…).
  • WAVEX : WaveX is developing a natural method, enhanced by AI, to harness wave energy to combat coastal erosion and produce low-carbon electricity. This technology enables a 99% reduction in emissions compared to natural gas (IPCC).

Register online

In addition to the three grand winners, five other solutions will be rewarded through 5 special prizes.

We will also have the honor of welcoming the talented violinist Marie-Kell de Cannart to close the event. She will delight our senses by accompanying, with her violin, the song of the whales after the award ceremony.


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