Hydrogen and prosumer activity leading the way

Although still a bit of an unknown quantity to the general public, the concepts of "greentech" and "cleantech" are stepping into the limelight, following the lead of the hydrogen-powered car and prosumer activity, just beginning to scale up.

The promise of prosumer activity

The development of collective prosumer activity naturally coincides with the progress of photovoltaic facilities (the main source of electricity production by private individuals). By fostering this type of electricity generation, the Government is thus promoting the production of renewable energy. In November, Minister Elisabeth Borne took a further step towards putting the practice in everyone’s reach by relaxing the regulations. 

  • French Transportation Minister Élisabeth Borne extends the playing field for collective prosumer activity – Batiactu
  • Madagascar is speeding up on prosumer activity, in particular with the French Green Yellow and several German players – PVTech
  • The wholesaler Metro wants to dedicate 20% of its French warehouses to prosumer use – Natura Sciences

The race for hydrogen

Although its production draws largely on carbon-based processes, hydrogen is offering up many promises. An abundant, potentially emission-free resource, green mobility, and electricity storage: H2 is inspiring a flurry of innovations. 

  • What is meant by low-carbon hydrogen? – Slate
  • Source and scale are biggest challenges as hydrogen interest grows – S&P Global
  • The Hydrogen Rush – Leonard

A still little-known arena 

An Odoxa study published in September uncovered a central paradox: the French are buying into the concept of greentech, despite knowing very little about the sector. 53% of French people have never heard of it… suggesting that significant work remains to be done before public opinion is on-board with green technologies. 

  • The French are still unfamiliar with Greentech but are particularly strong believers in what it can contribute – Odoxa
  • Understanding public responses to low carbon technologies – European Parliament
  • … To remedy this, we recommend that you read the first volume of the report “At the frontiers of technological impact” – Good Tech Lab

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