Intrapreneurs programme: 5 new projects enter the acceleration phase

Since January 2021, 12 teams of Intrapreneurs, employees of all VINCI companies, have explored new innovative business proposals. 5 projects have been selected by the Acceleration Committee to go further!

Five teams of VINCI employees were selected on 8 June by the Acceleration Committee, which is made up of managers and members of VINCI’s Executive Committee, entrepreneurs and investors.

These five projects will follow a full-time four-month acceleration programme. This intense period will enable the project leaders to consolidate their value proposition and business model in order to create new activities or Business Units within VINCI.


Cohort 2021: 5 projects in acceleration

> Carapace, Natacha Robert (Sixense Mapping) – Sponsor : Sixense Mapping

Carapace is a software for monitoring and conducting asset management analysis of pre-casted blocks of seawall in time. The solution is based on an algorithm that automatically detects the position and orientation of every pre-casted blocks directly within cloud points.


> Renov’on, Myriam Pradat (VINCI Concessions) – Sponsor : GTM Bâtiment

Renovon’in the first one-stop platform for energy efficiency renovations for French households. It offers a standardized and packaged offer which includes the access to a network of integrated and certified local contractors, and it facilitates access to funding (loans and government subsidies).


> CO2 Footprint App, Kristin Vanselow (Axians) & Josephin John (Omexom) – Sponsor: Axians Germany

CO2 Footprint App tracks Scope 3 emissions by bundling relevant data around business activities and their impact. It informs, educates, and coaches employees to take action and reduce their carbon footprint.


> GreenWatt, Emmanuel Fleurier & Eddy Sovic (VINCI Facilities) – Sponsor: VINCI Energies

Greenwatt offers a holistic, technical and financial approach to industrial renovations, enabling industrial actors to maximize their savings and their long-term energy expenses.


> VISCO, Marcus Kottinger (Axians) – Sponsor: Eurovia Germany and VINCI Energies Germany

VISCO is an app which allows for asset detection, road safety, traffic management and road condition detection by organizing and enriching real-time data.


Join the next cohort of the Intrapreneurs programme !

Applications for the next ccohort are now open! All employees of VINCI companies can apply.

For more information, visit our page dedicated to the Intrapreneurs programme. And apply here!


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