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AI will affect all of our lines of business; this is one of the key pieces of knowledge acquired through preliminary work conducted by Leonard. The VINCI Group is offering to assist all entities looking to develop their skills in this field through a specific Leonard programme.

The AI Programme aims to help VINCI Group entities design and run artificial intelligence use cases likely to create growth, optimise procedures or anticipate changes in the market. Leonard commits to help the entities selected catch up with this momentum.

The Artificial Intelligence Programme involves:

  • Joining a community with projects and expertise
  • Five months to design the project within your entity and give your team the skills needed for initial implementation and widespread application
  • Access to AI experts and mentors from Leonard
  • The opportunity to run an initial AI project with minimal investment

What are the different phases of the Artificial Intelligence Programme?

To be selected, your project must meet some conditions:

  • Your entity has identified a use case where AI could play a role
  • You have accessible, exploitable data
  • You can mobilise one or more employees who will be responsible for designing the project for the identified business case

Leonard guides the selected projects in two phases:

Phase 1: Specification

Over the first month, we will work together to identify the use case (from a business and AI standpoint), help you conduct internal and external benchmarks for potential solutions and carry out an audit of the availability, volume and quality of data to be processed in the project.

The team will learn to define the necessary infrastructure and will start preparing the data in order to feed it into the algorithm.

Phase 2: Design, rollout and standardisation

If the project’s feasibility is confirmed, it will go into a four‑month design phase. Your team will define the first models and learn how to adjust and assess them using infrastructure that they will have built themselves. The economic, technical and industrial relevance of the project will then be assessed and your team will establish roadmaps for rollout and standardisation.

They will benefit from daily guidance in this project — objectives will be set each week during an online conversation with the employee(s) in charge of the project. Every two weeks, the team will meet with a mentor to tackle any obstacles that may be holding them back.

What are you waiting for, join us!

Are you in charge of a VINCI entity? Have you identified an artificial intelligence use case? If so, submit your project!


Tell us about your project before 10 September 2019.


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