New mobilities: the revolution of infrastructure

By Julien Villalongue

Managing director - Leonard

Displaying massively and quickly the electric and autonomous vehicle will require to think beyond the usual structure, by giving to the road infrastructure its place in the mobility ecosystem. By Julien Villalongue, Managing Director of Leonard.

Mobilités et infrastructures

What’s to be done to think out innovating solutions of mobility in France? For the autonomous vehicle, it is a question of accelerating the emergence of autonomy with only acceptable security conditions, more important than the “human” way of driving.
However, the complexity and the unpredictability of the situations met on the road encourage to think that the level of total autonomy of vehicles (what is called in jargon “level 5”, without any human intervention, whatever the situation is) will be reached with difficulty before one decade.

But, with an “intelligent” infrastructure communicating with the vehicle in real time to share the essential data it needs for the perception of its close and remote environment, the horizon of autonomy in full safety becomes achievable.

Find the entirety of the article in La Tribune (in French).

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