“New risks and prevention on construction sites” newsletter – February 2021

The issue of preventing accidents at work is a major concern for all those involved in the building and public works sector. Many innovations are attempting to meet these challenges, in particular thanks to advances in robotics, modelling and connectivity. In the face of climate change, among other things, new risks are emerging. Here is an overview.


— Analysis
Construction industry: health under question

Despite constant efforts to improve accident prevention, the construction industry still remains one of the sectors most affected by workplace accidents and occupational diseases. Many innovative solutions are attempting to address this issue, thanks to advances in robotics, modeling and connectivity.

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— Projection
New technologies to combat new risks

Construction site safety is entering a new era. Technology offers effective solutions to prevent accidents and health risks by predicting incidents and alerting users to them and tracking and training employees.

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— Opinion
New systemic risks in construction

Construction safety has long focused on accidents. But today, the industry faces new risks related to climate change and physical and mental health.

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— Radar
Our selection of innovative businesses #27

Californian startup Traceair has just raised $3.5 million for its aerial image analysis solution. The Fastcarb Project adresses its first results for the accelerated carbonation of concrete. Swapp, a tool for automating construction schedules, raises 7 million dollars.

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— Trends
When construction and health combine

By the nature of the construction trades, workers in the sector are among the most physically exposed. Construction companies are trying hard to reduce risk on construction sites, resulting in an almost steady decline in the rate of incidents over the past 20 years. We’re gaining more knowledge on new types of dangers, stimulating in turn a growth in research and innovation.

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— Radar
Our selection of innovative businesses #28

The startup Ecodrop has recently raised €5 million in funding from Turenne and Amundi. ADAVEC and HD-Global join forces to provide weather data for self-driving vehicles. Mighty Buildings raises $40 million to bring 3D-printed buildings to market.

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— Prospective
Could artificial intelligence fully automate the design of the building?

OPINION — Every month, we invite you to discover the views of a member of Leonard’s Foresight team, which builds diagnoses and scenarios of transformations in the construction, mobility, energy and real estate trades.
This week, Quentin Panissod, AI Lead at Leonard’s, shares his understanding of the promises of artificial intelligence and automated building design.

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