Nine new projects join VINCI’s Intrapreneur programme in September 2019

Leonard, VINCI’s forward-looking platform for innovation, will be supporting nine innovative business projects by Group employees for the class of 2019 to 2020.


The 2019-2020 Selection Committee for VINCI intrapreneurs met on Tuesday 10 September at Leonard:Paris, the open laboratory for the future of cities and infrastructure created by VINCI.

The committee’s 12 members, which include VINCI personnel, entrepreneurs and investors, selected nine projects from the 70 candidatures submitted by Group employees on the website.

Each of the nine projects has outlined an innovative business that is likely to enhance the solutions on offer from VINCI Group companies. They explore a wide variety of subject matters, such as low and very low carbon concrete, plastic waste treatment, renewable energies and calculating the carbon footprint.

The people putting forward these projects will join the VINCI Intrapreneurs programme on 4 November: they will receive tailor-made support from the Leonard teams for four months to turn their innovative new business projects into a reality.
In addition, one project will receive ad hoc support from Fondation VINCI pour la Cité and another will join the SEED programme for startups.

The Leonard Intrapreneur programme has so far supported 32 projects submitted by VINCI employees over three years. Eight of them have already resulted in the creation of new Group subsidiaries or business activities.


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