SEED Program: 10 startups have joined the 4th cohort of Leonard’s acceleration program

Ten early stage start-ups selected among nearly 60 applications from 12 countries, have joined the third cohort of SEED, the accelerator program dedicated to start-ups specializing in construction, mobility, real estate and energy. Hosted at Leonard:Paris if they so wish, the startups also benefit from support and a contribution in capital from Leonard.

The SEED program supports early stage startups for 6 months, to help them get off the ground, grow and find funding for their projects. The 2023 cohort will include 10 projects.
This 6-month intensive program will end with a Demo Day open to investors and decision-makers from the VINCI Group.

Cohort 2023: 10 startups selected

Renalto / ex-Adapt (France)

Renalto is developing an application that helps consumers reduce the carbon footprint of their energy. Hour by hour, Renalto’s tool predicts the share of electricity generated from fossil fuels in the user’s region.

#energy #sustainability

Autarc (Germany)

Autarc is a platform optimizing the process of heat pump installation by providing leads and simplifying the contractual process for installers and simplifying the access to installers and financing options to clients.

#energy #efficiency

BIM to Build (France)

BIMtoBuild wants to revolutionise the working methods of construction sites. Their solution digitises the ongoing work and facilitates efficient management of the project in real time.

#digitalisation #BIM #productivity #contech

BLIC (France)

BLIC is a connected smart parcel locker dedicated to construction sites that reinvents deliveries to become more sustainable and secure.

#productivity #jobsite #logistics

Bosso Technology (Zambia)

Bosso is a B2B2C platform allowing to meet gains in design development thanks to better material sourcing, last mile logistics and greater contracting execution.

Bosso is a construction marketplace allowing providers to find new customers, manage their inventory and helping construction companies get access to a broad catalogue of materials and a reliable delivery service.

#contech #logistics #productivity

Fixers (France)

Fixers is an application that facilitates maintenance jobs for tenants by qualifying issues according to responsibility between landlord and tenant and providing relevant professionals and tutorials.

#platform #productivity

Moebius (France)

Moebius has developed a system connected to mixer trucks which makes it possible to deliver concrete in small quantities for the operators and the end customer. This accessory also improves the logistics of certain industrial deliveries.

#industry #concrete #logistics

Ostrea (France)

Ostrea transforms shell waste into a natural resource by developing an aesthetic, sustainable and low-carbon new material based on recycled shells. This material can be used to make floor/wall coverings, worktops or furniture.

#materials #biobased #circulareconomy #blueeconomy

Pilion (France)

Pilion is an ultra-fast and safe “accordion” scaffold. Assembly time is divided by 5 and two operators are enough to install it thanks to a lifting device. Pilion avoids falls, handling accidents, RSI and noise pollution.

#safety #productivity #jobsite

WaveX (France & UK)

WaveX is developing a nearshore wave energy converter operating under the sand that aims at making electric energy twice as cheap as fossil fuel energy is today.

#energy #blueeconomy

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