SEED Program : 8 startups have joined the 3d cohort of Leonard’s acceleration program

Eight early state start-ups selected among nearly 130 applications from 30 countries, have joined the third cohort of SEED, the accelerator program dedicated to start-ups specializing in construction, mobility, real estate and energy. One third of the projects selected this year come from Germany and Switzerland. Hosted at Leonard:Paris if they so wish, the startups also benefit from support and a contribution in capital from Leonard.

The SEED program supports early stage startups for 6 months, to help them get off the ground, grow and find funding for their projects. The 2022 cohort will include 8 projects.
They will receive a €30,000 capital injection, training leading to certification delivered by the Stanford Center for Professional Development, one or more internal VINCI mentors, a network of external experts and contacts with our network of investors.
This 6-month intensive program will end with a Demo Day open to investors and decision-makers from the VINCI Group.

Cohort 2022 : 8 start-ups selected


AETERNUM (Switzerland)
Offering circular buildings as reusable, re-adaptable, carbon-neutral products for Real Estate (RE) investors by providing de-risked, long-term investments in the shape of future-proof assets which maintain value within components for multiple lifecycles.
#environment #realestate #circulareconomy

AI-based solution for haulers and industrial sites to optimize and support decisions related to waste management using computer vision to measure and control the waste containers activity in real time.
#AI #contech #environment

ARSENIO (France)
A digital bootcamp and educational platform to learn digital construction and circular economy. E-learning platform providing courses, quizzes, exercises, use cases and mentoring for people interested in the future of construction.
#environment #circulareconomy

AUXILIA (France)
AUXILIA is a SaaS for airports, sensitive locations and international trade that uses AI to automatically detect weapons and explosives on X-ray images of luggage and goods, improving detection levels and speeding up controls.
#safety #contech

FOSTR (France)
Intelligent platform automating the administrative and financial processes of project managers in real estate, enabling a more productive and efficient daily management of real estate projects.
#realestate #contech #proptech

MACHINE 26 (Germany)
Smart equipment software that helps construction fleet owners to manage and re-sell their machines.
#mobility #contech

OCULAI (Germany)
Camera-based data collection on construction sites using computer vision, data to track progress, resource utilization and logistics. The results allow the users to automate as-built documentation and to uncover efficiency potential based on the generated comparative data.
#contech #productivity

Oke Charge is a shared universal electric recharging service (Peer to Peer), open to all, and for any type of electric vehicle (car, scooter, bike…)
#mobility #electrification

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