SEED, the VINCI startup acceleration program, welcomes six startups

Leonard, VINCI’s forward-looking innovation platform, launched this autumn Europe’s first acceleration program for startups specializing in construction, mobility, real estate, retail and sustainable cities. Leonard’s goal is to help the emergence of future European entrepreneurial leaders.

On 9 December, Leonard will welcome six startups to its SEED programme. These innovative companies foreshadow coming changes in business activities and markets in construction, mobility and energy. The startups will benefit from:

  • tailored support to accelerate their business, including that of the Stanford University Center for Professional Development
  • a network of mentors and experts able to help develop their businesses
  • contact with staff working for VINCI companies.


Coming soon
In mid-December Leonard will announce the members of its CATALYST startup programme, which facilitates the adoption within VINCI companies of solutions developed by growth stage startups around the world.


BUILD2BBuild2B is France’s first marketplace for freelancers working in the construction and real estate sectors.


CUBEEN – Cubeen is a universal construction element created by Inergeen that can be used to build modular outdoor spaces which can easily be disassembled and reused. In 2019, Inergeen began marketing Cubeen for the event and retail markets. It will expand into marketing for other service-sector and residential markets in 2020.


SOLIQUID – Soliquid has developed a unique, large-scale and off-site 3D concrete printing process to serve the needs of the architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) industry. Concrete is printed in suspension in a reusable, durable gel matrix. This process enables the rapid production of non-standard, complex and unsupported elements.


EP TENDEREP Tender provides Batteries as a Service for electric vehicles through a modular approach to the electric car and a pay per use economic model for occasional long trips. The system enables users to travel with peace of mind in a affordable electric vehicles and with a minimal carbon footprint.


VANO – VanO is developing an inclusive, low carbon solution for daily travel in medium-sized municipalities or areas with a population between 20,000 and 80,000 people. The service on offer to all users – residents, workers, students, tourists etc. – enables them to travel with flexibility within the entire area covered, seven days a week and with an extensive timetable.

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