The 6th cohort of Leonard’s Intrapreneurs program hosts 10 teams of VINCI employees in 2022

Leonard welcomes ten new projects from VINCI Group employees. These projects will pioneer innovative solutions for the environmental transition, safety, productivity and competitiveness of VINCI's activities in construction, mobility, real estate and energy. Leonard's support begins in January 2022.

The Intrapreneurs program supports innovative projects initiated by VINCI employees. The goal is to foster new business opportunities within the Group. This program has fast-tracked 64 projects since its inception in 2018, and 16 new business ventures have emerged within VINCI as a result. In 2022, the sixth iteration of the program will onboard 10 teams, encompassing about 20 Group company employees.

2022 6th cohort : 10 selected projects

Turnkey solution for owners of commercial buildings to make their assets valuable even during the time of redevelopment via a contract for temporary housing for people in need.


DTECT (Germany)
Evaluation and monitoring solution for large industrial open areas using computer vision through drone images and AI-based algorithms that can automatically detect problems (alignment and displacement for instance) and generate recommendations for maintenance.
#AI #contech


GEN-AI (France)
Automatic identification of potential constructions at a glance to support cities in transitioning from simple owners to asset managers (i.e. identify, detail, inspect, detect disorders, plan corrective works etc.)
#AI #infrastructure


Platform integrating digital solutions such as telemedicine, sensors and connected objects that collect instant and continuous data to improve health and assistance with daily life in care homes.


INFINITY (Germany)
INFINITY is a digital platform which combines virtual training (based on virtual reality and 3D modelling), digital twins and 3D simulations to reduce training costs and to standardize trainings and 3D modelling processes across VINCI entities.
#contech #VR


Solution for harbours to supply docked ships with electric power, making it possible for them to be moved at any time while preventing the use of fossil fuel generators.
This project was part of the finalists of VINCI’s first Environmental Awards.
#transport #environment


PEEH2 (France)
Management and recovery of organic and human waste at airports to produce energy.
#environment #circulareconomy #energy 


A drone-based full service for a more efficient and cheaper wind turbine rotor blade inspection and monitoring system in offshore parks.
#environment #productivity


REHAPS (France)
A platform to facilitate construction works planning on occupied sites where the tenant can choose the date and time that suits him/her to ensure a smoother organization between the tenants, the general contractor and its sub-contractors.
#constructiontech #productivity


R USE (France)
Secondhand marketplace to optimize the use of internal resources by geolocating and connecting all the resources available near the construction site
This project was part of the finalists of VINCI’s first Environmental Awards.
#circulareconomy #environment



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