The 7th cohort of Leonard’s Intrapreneurs program hosts 10 teams of VINCI employees in 2023

Leonard welcomes ten new projects from VINCI Group employees. These projects will pioneer innovative solutions for the environmental transition, safety, productivity and competitiveness of VINCI's activities in construction, mobility, real estate and energy. Leonard's support begins in January 2023.

The Intrapreneurs program supports innovative projects initiated by VINCI employees. The goal is to foster new business opportunities within the Group. This program has fast-tracked 64 projects since its inception, and 17 new business ventures have emerged within VINCI as a result.

All ventures were initiated by employees based in France, Germany, UK, Canada, Colombia. In 2023, the seventh iteration of the program will onboard 10 teams.

2023 7th cohort: 10 selected projects

Biological carbon capture (Colombia)

BioCCap has as its purpose to capture between 5% to 70% of CO2 generated by our operations on site (Construction, Airports, Highways, and Buildings) using microalgae as a natural bioreactor.

#carboncapture #environment #jobsite #construction

DGR Digital twin (France)

Use of a structural digital twin to study, monitor and anticipate the behavior of nuclear waste storage infrastructures in geological layers.

#digitalization #digitaltwin #nuclear #wastemanagement #safety

Geoheat (France)

Equip underground structures, in urban areas, with geothermal systems to produce heat for the operation of these structures or for district heating needs.

#energy #environment #geothermal #districtheating

ICONA (Germany)

Smart construction site management, deployment planning of machines and equipment as well as personnel

#productivity #digitalization #planning #construction

Nakina (Canada)

Tool which allows to prioritize, review and qualify leads with minimal time and effort by sorting through planning & development applications using smart filters and by categorizing the site-specific geological profile.

#AI #productivity

Smart Track (France)

Use of the blockchain to facilitate, make reliable and secure exchanges and ensure better traceability of radioactive waste throughout its processing.

#nuclear #blockchain #wastemanagement

Calogena (France)

Nuclear micro-reactor solution for district heating and cooling networks.

#energy #nuclear #districtheating

Recyclable Formworks (France)

Digital manufacturing system for optimized reinforced concrete beams. Thanks to a 3D printing system of recyclable material, the beams are made to measure with a minimal environmental impact.

#construction #material #software #optimization #structures

Transformer heat recovery (UK)

Waste heat recovery for re-use by coupling a heat pump or absorption chiller to the radiator circuit of a transformer.

#energy #environment #efficiency

VINCI Road Services (France)

Outsourcing of services for public or private road infrastructure operators based on existing core competencies as a road infrastructure operator (accident management, roadside maintenance, de-icing, toll collection, traffic management…)

#infrastructure #services #operations

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