VINCI entities! Join the second cohort of the Artificial Intelligence Program!

Artificial intelligence technologies will find applications in all of our construction, mobility, energy and real estate businesses. This is one of the lessons from the prospective work carried out by Leonard since 2018. For the second year, Leonard offers support to VINCI group entities wishing to develop skills and position themselves on these new technological tools and associated business models.

The AI Program aims to help VINCI Group entities design and run artificial intelligence use cases likely to create growth, optimise procedures or anticipate changes in the market. More tharealizing a prototype of the project, Leonard engages alongside the entities to carry out projects which will be industrialized. By undertaking the implementation of an artificial intelligence project, the entity is testing its position on the new business model or market segment it has identified. 

The Artificial Intelligence Program involves: 

  • Joining a community with projects and expertise 
  • Five months to design the project within your entity and give your team the skills needed for initial implementation and widespread application 
  • AI experts and mentors from Leonard support your team on a daily basis 
  • The opportunity to run an initial AI project with minimal investment 

What are the different phases of the Artificial Intelligence Program?  

To be selected, your project must meet some conditions: 

  • Your entity has identified a use case where AI could play a role (Leonard experts can help you refine your use case) 
  • You have accessible, exploitable data 
  • You can mobilise one or more employees who will be responsible for designing the project for the identified business case
  • Your entity can invest up to 20 000€ to finance  the project 


Leonard guides the selected projects in two phases: 

Phase 1: Specification 

Over the first month, we will work together to identify the use case (from a business and AI standpoint), help you conduct internal and external benchmarks for potential solutions and carry out an audit of the availability, volume and quality of data to be processed in the project. 

The team will learn to define the necessary infrastructure and will start preparing the data in order to feed it into the algorithm.

Phase 2: Design, rollout and standardisation 

If the project’s feasibility is confirmed, it will go into a fourmonth design phase. Your team will define the first models and learn how to adjust and assess them using infrastructure that they will have built themselves. The economic, technical and industrial relevance of the project will then be assessed and your team will establish roadmaps for rollout and standardisation. 

They will benefit from daily guidance in this project — objectives will be set each week during an online conversation with the employee(s) in charge of the project. Every two weeks, the team will meet with a mentor to tackle any obstacles that may be holding them back. 


Upskill your team with the needed AI competences! 

Within the AI ​​programme, employees are trained through dedicated training and workshops. 

20 webinars, 8 days of workshops, 200 hours of coaching & mentoring, in all, these are 230 hours of training which allow teams to improve their skills. 

Upskill your team

A quick look at the first AI projects 


Use Generative Design solutions augmented by artificial intelligence algorithms to help VINCI companies accelerate and improve their projects 

Automatic tracking of construction sites through deep learning and computer vision in order to democratize chrono-analyses 

Historical Monuments
Combine computer vision and Deep Learning to automatically generate an Autocad plan for the historical monument facades  

Forecast track geometry evolution through AI and leverage predictive maintenance to optimize the lifetime of the SEA line 

Customer Satisfaction
Forecast and improve the customer satisfaction in an airport through AI 

Airplane Taxi-out-Time
Leverage AI algorithms to forecast taxi-time out to improve operations and revenues while reducing GHG emissions 

 Infrastructure management
Improve Infrastructure Management thank to a better pavement degradation prediction 

Use reinforcement learning algorithms to optimize the generation of a sprinkler network from a commercial proposal to the production line 


What are you waiting for, join us! 

Are you in charge of a VINCI entity or activity? Have you identified an artificial intelligence use case? If sosubmit your project! 


Tell us about your project before 30 September 2020. 

Contacts : Bruno Daunay ( and Quentin Panissod ( 

What do we do?

The VINCI Group created Leonard to tackle the challenges posed by the transformation of regions and lifestyles. Our goal is to unite a community of key stakeholders in order to build the city of the future together.