You have until 30 September to join the 3rd group of intrapreneurs!

At Leonard, we welcome all VINCI employees who have novel business ideas to embark on our fast track for intrapreneurs – meaning in-house entrepreneurs! You have until 30 September to submit your application to join the 3rd group, as Leonard will start supporting the projects it selects this autumn. Read on for more about the programme, the advantages and the next steps.

Who can apply?

We look forward to hearing from all VINCI employees who have identified a customer requirement or market opportunity that several Group units can tap into.

The first intrapreneurs that Leonard is supporting are working on a wealth of projects that mirror the extraordinary variety of fields of expertise we have at VINCI. They include CO2 capture, mitigating noise and air pollution, disruptive transport infrastructure, 3D printing, climate resilience, energy transition, co-living, worksite waste treatment, innovative ways of using augmented reality and robotics – to list a few.

If you have a business idea and an intrapreneurial attitude, it doesn’t matter what BU you work for or where you’re based around the world: Leonard can support your project! Tell us about your idea or ask us any questions you have.


The steps on the intrapreneurs fast track

The steps on the intrapreneurs fast track

VINCI’s intrapreneurs fast track includes tailored support in the form of coaching and training. It we select your project, we’ll put you in touch with a network of experts and mentors, and give you an opportunity to turn your idea into a business venture, in two phases:

First, turning the idea into a project
During the first four months, we help intrapreneurs test their idea’s viability, assess competition and talk to customers. They spend 20% of their working time (i.e. the equivalent of a day a week) fine-tuning their project.

Second, turning the project into a business venture
If the project is viable (i.e. if we establish that customers are interested, that there is a market and that there are real opportunities), the intrapreneur moves onto the next 4-month phase, to develop his or her project full-time, and test the product, with more hands-on support.

Tell us about your project before 30 September on 

What do we do?

The VINCI Group created Leonard to tackle the challenges posed by the transformation of regions and lifestyles. Our goal is to unite a community of key stakeholders in order to build the city of the future together.