“From BIM to digital twin: the (real) benefits of the digital model for construction” – Newsletter – May 2021

The digital model has proven essential, from the design to the operation of buildings. Beyond BIM, now stands the Building Operating System and the digital twin, a living and evolving model inspired by the industry. What are the challenges and future uses of digital in construction? Will the digital twin be a trustworthy ally in reducing the environmental impact of construction? How will it help improve the smart city?


— Analysis
Environmental impact from design to operation, the real challenge of the digital twin


Digital tech has taken over the construction industry: while BIM has left its mark on a whole range of projects, the digital twin – a living avatar of a building – promises to help improve the construction industry’s carbon footprint.

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— Projection

When smart buildings lead to smart cities

Forget excessive, impractical projects, the pandemic offers the perfect opportunity for rethinking the smart city in a pragmatic way, using connected objects and digital twins wisely – and in moderation.

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— Opinion

[conversation] Caroline Reminy, Head of BIM Engineering, VINCI construction France

A growing number of VINCI projects are using BIM-lead environments on their work sites. What’s more, BOS tools are on the increase and the digital twin is building a desirable future for itself. While digital mock-ups in construction have already proved their worth, there is still significant room for improvement, considers Caroline Reminy, Head of BIM Engineering at VINCI construction France.

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— Radar
Our selection of innovative businesses #33

Canvas raises $24 million to expand its fleet of drywall robots. French startup Diagrams raises €1.7 million for its preventative maintenance technology. Homebound looking to solve the housing shortage problem. Austrian startup Printsones launches multifunctional robot for on-site construction.

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