In 2020, Leonard is once again committed alongside startups in favor of environment-driven growth

Leonard, the VINCI Group’s platform for foresight and innovation, launches today the selection process for two startup acceleration programs that are determined to play their part driving transformation in construction, mobility, energy and real estate and to fast-track environment-driven growth! The programs are due to start at the beginning of 2021. Leonard’s early stage program SEED is now backed by Bpifrance’s French Tech Seed Program.

SEED is an accelerator program aimed at pre-seed startups and located in Leonard’s offices in Paris, France. 

Each selected startup will : 

  • Be hosted for a six month duration in our coworking space
  • Be appointed one external and one VINCI mentor
  • Participate in a 10 week Idea to Market course developped by Stanford University and obtain a certificate
  • Receive €30K in cash
  • Participate in our Demo Day, connect with VINCI entities and with potential investors

Since January 2020, 5 startups have participated in this program and Leonard is aiming to recruit 10 for the Fall 2020 cohort.
Through SEED, Leonard was selected to join Bpifrance’s French Tech Seed Program as an official business provider. Leonard is trusted by Bpifrance to identify startups that are « innovative and with a high technological intensivity », and to evaluate the quality of the teams and their ability to deliver. Part of Leonard’s responsibility towards Bpifrance is to assist in the fine tuning of the value proposition and business model in order to facilitate a seed stage financing round. Each startup selected in the program will be considered by Bpifrance to receive up to €2 in Convertible Notes for each €1 raised from private investors. 

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CATALYST is a business facilitation program aimed at post product-market fit startups and scale-ups.

The goal of the program is to maximize the chances to develop a business relationship between a VINCI business unit and these companies.
The Leonard team helps CATALYST companies identify, navigate and build bridges with operational directions able to pilot or deploy their innovative solutions into their core business. 

The selection process for both programs will run until October 15, 2020 and the programs will start at the beginning of January 2021. 

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Innovative projects to fast-track environment-driven growth! 

The health crisis and its economic ripple effects have faced everyone who designs, builds and operates infrastructure in cities and regions with a challenge. Today as yesterday, VINCI companies have a duty to keep their people healthy and safe –their worksite crews as well as the people on the “second-line”, meaning the ones making sure that the vital infrastructure we are operating under concessions runs smoothly. And to make it possible to make up for restricted activity at many worksites and infrastructure in recent months,we must lead a productivity revolution together. 

It’s time to start rebuilding. The reluctance to return to the way things were is spreading and we are determined to harness this crisis to speed up environmental transition in our activities.  We are aiming to lower our direct greenhouse gas emissions by 40% from 2018 to 2030, and will need to be creative and demanding to do so. This is why Leonard will be determined  to select startups able to support environment-driven growth and therefore the common ambition of the VINCI group. 

What do we do?

The VINCI Group created Leonard to tackle the challenges posed by the transformation of regions and lifestyles. Our goal is to unite a community of key stakeholders in order to build the city of the future together.